Knocknaveagh Cambridge Dry Gin

Knocknaveagh Cambridge Dry Gin

  • London Dry Gin
  • New Zealand, 700ml

A clean and balanced gin with top notes of Grapefruit, Juniper, Chamomile, and Cardamom. Base notes of spice, pine, and pepper. Held together with the complexity of Angelica Root and Douglas Fir. A gin with a distinct taste and provenance with a stunning wax and cork closure.

  • Distillery: The Cambridge Distillery Company
  • Style: London Dry Gin
  • Region: Cambridge, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 41%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Ice, premium tonic, fresh citrus and/or fresh mint garnish

This “Cambridge Dry” style, conceived as the counterpoint to a London Dry, nods respectfully to tradition but brings a twist of modernity. To complement the base foundations of juniper, coriander and angelica, a selection of additional botanicals including cardamom, grapefruit, black pepper and chamomile take you in a new and exciting direction, away from a juniper heavy blend whilst still invoking the past. Fresh enough for a GnT, complex enough for a Martini or Nergoni.

"Knocknaveagh was the name given to my family’s farm in County Cavan, Ireland. From there, in 1862, they set foot on a long journey across the world to settle in New Zealand. In memory of this massive life changing step and the subsequent opportunities that have strung form it, I chose to add the picture of the Old Farm house to our bottle as a reminder of the paths that bring us new and exciting opportunities." James and Will

"Our endeavour is to produce spirits that remind you of a certain place, a terroir, a homestead? Premium spirits, each with their own distinct taste and provenance."

"For all the grand ideas, we just want to make a good gin. We are James and Will

Seeking a more family friendly lifestyle, shorter commutes and a greater sense of community, we moved out of the big smoke with our families to the picturesque town of Cambridge, in the heart of Waikato, New Zealand.

We did not start out with a plan to become distillers.

Our fondness of this town and its people, cultivated the idea of making gins that remind us of our new home - using botanicals foraged from amongst the many gardens, lakes and woodlands of this community. Sensory memories - a lasting reminder. 

We feel Cambridge has given us so much that we aim, in some small way, to enhance its story and for The Cambridge Distillery Co. to become a very small, but very enjoyable, part of its history."

James and Will

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