Club-Mate The Standard

Club-Mate The Standard

  • Caffeine Mixer
  • Germany, 330ml
CLUB-MATE The Standard is your quick refreshing Yerba Mate energy boost for the in-between moments. Yerba-Mate, a mystical jungle plant, is found exclusively in South America and its leaves are brewed as a tea that provides a natural "pick-me-up".
  • Style: Caffeine based mixer
  • Region: Dietenhofen, Germany
  • Age: NV
  • Volume: 330ml
  • Goes with: ice, vodka, garnish of lemon or mint

The mate leaves are purchased directly from certified local farmers and CLUB-MATE is produced via electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free, alcohol-free, rich in natural antioxidants.

Since 1898 Mr. G. Latteier has been operating a small beverage company in Dietenhofen, Germany. At an exhibition in 1924 he discovered the so-called “Sekt- Bronte” and acquired the license to manufacture and distribute this beverage. “Sekt-Bronte” was a non-alcoholic drink made of mate tea with various ingredients. The tea leaves of the mate tea originate from South America. There the Indians had recognized the value of the mate centuries ago. Because of World War II the production of Bronte came to a standstill. However, after the end of the war, the Bronte was still so well-known and in demand that Latteier soon began to manufacture again. In 1957, Mr. Hans Sauernheimer married the daughter of the Latteier family and joined the company. They purchased a fully automatic bottling machine and a bottle capping machine and the company was able to experience a great boom. Aging Hans Sauernheimer sold the license for the production of Bronte in 1994 to the brewery Loscher from Münchsteinach. Since then, it has been on the market under the name “CLUB-MATE”. Berlin, the legendary melting pot of culture, music and arts, with its famous nightclubs and its long magical nights is where CLUB-MATE has established a following. CLUB-MATE is enjoyed not only at night, but also at work, before sports activities or simply on a sunny day in the park. Convinced by the invigorating effect and the refreshing taste, Craig & Logan (2 Kiwi DJ's travelling in Europe) decided to bring CLUB-MATE to New Zealand. CLUB-MATE is available New Zealand wide and has been discovered and enjoyed by thousands of enthusiastic visitors to such festivals as Splore, Sonorous, Beacon and the infamous Shipwrecked Festival.


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