Alibi Brewing Deep Lowing Milk Stout 440ml

Alibi Brewing Deep Lowing Milk Stout 440ml

  • Stout
  • New Zealand, 440ml

Dangerously smooth, silky and ultimately every enjoyable. Flavours of creamy vanilla milk and coconut, with hints of chocolate. As stylish as the secretive Alibi Brewer’s Lounge itself.

  • Brewery: Alibi Brewing (colab with Tantalus Estate)
  • Style: Stout
  • Region: Waiheke Island, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 5.7%
  • Volume: 440ml
  • Vessel: Can
  • Enjoy with: Beef stews and steak pies; BBQ ribs with barbecue sauce; baked macaroni and cheese; cinnamon coffee cake; chocolate Truffles

Brewery notes - Made with British Maris Otter, Crystal, Chocolate malts, oats then conditioned on lashings of toasted coconut, cacao husks and vanilla beans.

Alibi Brewing company is situated in the Onetangi Valley on Waiheke Island. Founded in 2016, Alibi is a 12 hectoliter, New Zealand fabricated CLE microbrewery housed below the ever beautiful Tantalus Estate.

Nobody thought that the Tantalus Estate on Waiheke Island could be restored to its former glory, but when you’re the kind of people where determination replaces sleep like Campbell and Carrie Aitken, anything is possible! After tirelessly pruning, clipping, and ripping out the original vines, a bit of experience in tourism (and a lot of determined Kiwi ingenuity), Campbell and Carrie bought and transformed the old brewery into the estate that it is today: Proud, elegant and premium.

The Aitken’s love and understanding of people and cultures is the foundation of everything that they do at Tantalus Estate, and it shows in their winery as well as their hospitality. Their winemaking process is characterised by elegance and subtlety, constantly pursuing excellence and carefully choreographing every step of production so that each vintage is better than the last, every drop leaving an indelible impression.


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