Aviation American Gin

Aviation American Gin

  • Gin
  • USA, 700ml

Aviation sets itself apart from other gins with less emphasis on the juniper component and a classic, pre-Prohibition style. Subtle levels of juniper with a stronger emphasis on anise seeds, lavender, sarsaparilla, hints of caraway, citrus and a faintly spicy finish.

  • Distillery: Aviation
  • Type: Gin
  • Region: Portland, USA
  • Alcohol: 42%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Ice, quality mixer, wedge or lemon and/or lime (G&T)

Ryan Reynolds loved this award winning Gin so much he bought the company. A gin created to be so balanced and smooth, it can complement any cocktail or even fly solo.

Crafted by bartender Ryan Magarian and Christian Krogstad and owned by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, this is one very classy, super soft, smooth gin suitable for any A-list Hollywood party.

At a party in Seattle in 2005, bartender Ryan Magarian was introduced to "summer gin" by a friend from Portland. Struck by the subtlety of gin with less juniper, he recognized it as a movement away from traditional gin. Ryan had a growing interest in classic, pre-Prohibition cocktails, where the spirit is central and never masked, and this gin had the potential to be the perfect complement. He set off for Portland to meet the distiller.

Equally passionate about his craft, Christian Krogstad founded the House Spirits Distillery in Portland in 2002. With a pioneering spirit, Christian had set out to recreate a uniquely American Gin.

Without a precise flight plan, the first bartender/distiller partnership took off. Through repeated trial and experimentation with 7 botanicals, the pair finally landed on a democratic blend with juniper in the background. Like all successful partnerships, none is overpowering or masking, but each plays a part in bringing out the best in all.

  • Bronze - 2022 NZ Spirits Awards
  • 97 Points by Wine Enthusiast

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