Baladin Nora Birra

Baladin Nora Birra

  • Spice Beer
  • Italy, 330ml

This eye-catching Baladin original beer has a golden deep colour and a slight hazy appearance, while the head is fine and persistent. The taste of cereals stands out and anticipates notes of apricot, hazelnut and honey. An explosion of tastes brought together by the freshness of ginger and slight hints of citrus fruits, before finishing with notes of spices and malt.

  • Brewery: Baladin
  • Type / Style: Spice Beer
  • Region: Italy
  • Alcohol: 6.8%
  • Volume: 330ml
  • Vessel: Bottle
  • Other: IBU 10-12
  • Enjoy with: Lean cooked fish, white meat, also cooked with spices, ethnic dishes (cous-cous, tajine or Asian food), mature cheese and dry desserts.

"After dedicating two beers to his first two children, Teo decides the time has come to pay homage to their mother too. This is the inspiration to create a beer that carries her name and takes inspiration from African culture, given Nora’s Berber-Algerian origins.

Given this background and the ingredients used in the recipe - particularly ginger, myrrh and khorasan wheat, a cereal that was discovered in Egypt in the ‘50s - it was only natural to nickname it “Egyptian Beer”, as it still known today." Baladin

"1986 - Le Baladin pub opens in Piozzo (Cuneo). It will give its name to the brewery once it becomes a brewpub. Right from the beginning, over 200 mainly foreign and in particular Belgian beer labels are served.

1996 - 1997 Le Baladin becomes a brewpub where beer is produced and directly sold. Blonde and Ambrée (both in filtered and non filtered versions) are the first draught beers produced by Baladin. 1997 is the year of Super, the first bottled beer by Baladin. It is soon followed by Brune (only available on draught in Piozzo). The production of Isaac begins - a blanche inspired by Belgian beers and dedicated to Teo’s son. Niňa is the new beer by Baladin - an Anglo-Saxon inspired, hand pumped bitter. To find the right name for his latest product, Teo launches a competition won by an Argentinian friend.

1998 - 2004 - Nöel, a dark, strong-bodied ale, is created to celebrate Christmas. Wayan is created, the saison dedicated to Teo’s newborn daughter. Teo creates Nora, an Egyptian ale which he dedicates to the mother of his children. Demand grows and the equipment changes. Its larger size requires a move to the now former hen house. Selezione Baladin is created, the distribution company which sells Baladin beers as well as a selection of other top quality products in Italy and abroad.

2005 - Teo receives the “Semper Ardens awards for beer culture” from Danish Carlsberg. The acknowledgement is given to people who contribute to the development of beer culture in the world. Teo is the first Italian to receive the prestigious award as “promoter of beer culture in the world of gastronomy and in the catering sector”. Teo experiments with cereal farming (spring two-row barley) on a 4 ha. plot near Piozzo and the concept of “Morally Controlled Production Chain” is developed. This is the first step towards the status of farm brewery.

2007 - After 3 years of hard work Casa Baladin, a beer restaurant with rooms, is opened. It is conceived as a restaurant with special menus accompanied by Baladin beers, and a unique place where guests can feel at home and relax, maybe take a Turkish a bath and then stay in one of the 5 available rooms. The first 10 hectares of spring two-row barley are sown in Melfi (Basilicata). The fields are directly managed by Baladin. In 2008 Baladin is awarded the title of Brewery of the Year by Unionbirrai.

2009 - The new modern plant of Birrificio Baladin is opened in Farigliano. Open Baladin Roma opens in the centre of Rome, in the Campo dei fiori area. It is a large pub which follows the formula tested months before in Cinzano (100 labels of bottled beers from various Italian craft breweries) with no less than 40 taps and a continuously changing selection of great Italian and foreign craft beers. It immediately becomes one of the symbols of the Italian craft beer movement. Nöel wins the gold medal at the Mondial de la Bière in Strasbourg. 2010 - Xyauyù receives the first prize at the “Beer of the Year 2010” awards in the barley wine category. Nelson is launched - a golden, draught only beer made with Nelson Sauvin New Zealand hops.

2011 - Baladin meets an important production target: 9,000 hectoliters per year. A great achievement, although still very far from the necessary 18,000/20,000 hectoliters to ensure full sustainability of the production cycle - from the production of raw materials, to energy production and product distribution. Nazionale is launched, the first 100% Italian craft beer with barley from Melfi, hops from Cussanio (planted back in 2008) and the special yeast selected for Baladin in Italy. 2012 - Birrificio Baladin changes its commercial name to Birrificio Baladin Società Agricola. Finally we are an agricultural company thanks to the direct production of almost all the barley required for the production of base malt, and of part of the hops. NO.AU opens in Rome. This small pub is the exclusive realm of very special beers: reserves by Teo and Leonardo and from all over the world (first and foremost from Italy).

2013 - Teo ventures again into the world of macro-oxidation. This new exploration of taste starts from Xyauyù Oro, combined with a product of the best Italian farming: Kentucky tobacco. Using a cold infusion technique, tobacco is added to the oak barrels where the beer is kept. Friday, September 13, 2013 officially opens Baladin Milan.

2016 - The new site, inaugurated with four days of parties from July the 13th to 16th 2016 is located within a 73.000sqm property that includes a beautiful rustic house and is surrounded by an equally stunning park named ‘Baladin Open Garden’.

2017 - Baladin Zanzibar opens. A charming resort where simplicity rather than luxury makes you feel like home!" Baladin

  • 5 Stars - 2011 The Guide to Italian Beers
  • 5 Stars - 2010 The Guide to Italian Beers


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