Balla Black Spiced Barbados Rum

Balla Black Spiced Barbados Rum

  • Spiced Rum
  • Barbados, 700ml

A popular award winning spiced rum. Cardamom, brown sugar, cassia bark, nutmeg, caramelised raisins and BBQ pineapple. 

  • Distillery: Cockspur Rum
  • Type: Spiced Rum
  • Region: Barbados, West Indies
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice, wedge of lime

Spiced rum from the folks behind the Cockspur rum range, built around spices from the Caribbean. They recommend serving it in a Zombie cocktail, or simply mixed with cola and a good wedge of lime for a simple serve. 

Cockspur Rum has been making the party happen since 1884, when Valdemar Hanschell created the Rum in Barbados.

Valdemar Hanschell was a Danish seaman who settled in Barbados, one of the biggest shipping ports in the Caribbean at the time, to establish a chandlery which would supply ships with food and other goods, including rum. Mr. Hanschell's business and COCKSPUR's popularity started booming and Cockspur Rum soon became the best-selling rum in Barbados.

While Valdemar Hanschell was the mastermind behind Cockspur Rum, he left the crafting of his beloved Rum to the Stade Brothers at The West Indies Rum Distillery. The Stade Brothers shared Mr. Hanschell's vision of making flavourful Caribbean rum free of the impurities common to many spirits at the time. The Brothers improved the rum-making process and mastered the complexities of the fermentation process by introducing the first continuous column still to Barbados. This revolutionary still allowed the Stade Brothers to consistently produce a flavourful, dry, crisp, and "clean" Cockspur Rum that many have come to know and love.

Throughout the years, Cockspur Rum has stayed true to the traditional processes that makes this Rum unique, including using only the purest coral-filtered water and the finest selection of oak barrels. The Rum also continues to be aged in a beach-side bond amongst the warm Caribbean sunshine and fresh ocean breezes. 

  • Silver - 2019 The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business) - Spiced Rum



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