Citizen Collective Pilsner

Citizen Collective Pilsner

  • Pilsner
  • New Zealand, 440ml

Intense tropical fruit, citrus meets lush, caramel toastiness. This brew is crafted together with Sawmill Brewery.

  • Brewery: Citizen Collective (colab with Sawmill Brewery)
  • Type / Style: Pilsner
  • Region: Matakana, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 4.6%
  • Volume: 440ml
  • Vessel: Can
  • Enjoy with: Buffalo wings, grilled pork and chicken, burgers, Mexican food, spicy food, shellfish, light seafood and sushi.

Each can uses fermentable starches from one slice of rescued bread. Each brew uses a quarter less malted barley, saving resources and avoiding emissions. Each brew repurposes 585 plastic bread bags and tags into fenceposts.


"Every year, around the world, we waste a third of the food we produce.

Citizen was started by a bunch of people who want to change this. Every Citizen product is made using edible surplus food. We rescue this food, then re-work it into delicious food and drink. Our first product is beer made using surplus bread. Every can uses the fermentable starches from one rescued slice of surplus bread. Slice by slice, it adds up. We then use our brew mash to create a high-quality, nutritious, spent-grain flour that we use to bake Citizen breads.

Behind the scenes, we’re preparing more awesome foods and drinks for launch. It’s all part of our mission to help rebuild a broken food system. Welcome to the world’s most delicious revolution. Cheers!" Chaps at Citizen

Bread rescued, plastic saved - each can of Citizen beer uses the fermentable sugars from one slice of rescued surplus bread that would otherwise have gone to waste or low value stock feed. Slice by slice, it adds up. In fact for every brew Citizen put down, they rescue 280 loaves. Citizen also upcycle the plastic bread bags and tags into fenceposts thanks to their friends at Future Post!

Brewing a positive impact - reducing food waste is just part of the story. Because Citizen use bread to replace a quarter of the virgin barley in every brew, their beer production uses less water, land and energy, and creates fewer emissions.

Toward net zero carbon emissions - Citizen is committed to running a low impact business, and they’re focused on hitting net zero emissions by 2022. Thanks to Toitū Envirocare for the help and support that’ll help Citizen get there.

A certified B-Corp brew partner - Citizen's amazing brew partners, Sawmill Brewery, are one of two Certified B Corp brewers in New Zealand. Citizen is grateful for this special co-laboration with them.



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