Denzien Smoke & Embers Gin

Denzien Smoke & Embers Gin

  • Gin
  • New Zealand, 700ml

A new small batch release from Denzien. Gentle and approachable with a light spice that slowly builds. Complex but elegant, and a lovely heart-warming length, due to the slightly higher alcohol content. A delicate surprise.

  • Distillery: Denzien Urban Distillery
  • Type: Gin
  • Region: Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 44%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Ice, premium tonic or Thai ginger ale

Smoke & Embers came about from a desire to create a gin that mimicked some of the qualities of whisk(e)y, a smoky richness with a warming effect. It is a fireside sipper that is not overwhelmed by its many spicy constituents. Chipotle and Morita were chosen to impart smokiness into the gin, and habanero provides the warmth – wicked in a Negroni.

Botanicals used in producing this gin include: Juniper, Morita, Chipotle, Guajillo, California, Mulato Negro and Habanero Chillies, Coriander, Angelica Root, Fennel Seed, Liquorice Root & Orris Root.

“Denzien”, according to Urban Dictionary, is a clan of people who take the time to enjoy the finer things in life, which is exactly the kind of people that founders Mark and Eamon attract with their Wellington-central gin distillery.

The pair are “city people who love a city gin”, and have built a brand that celebrates and reflects the chic urban lifestyle that Wellington embodies while creating a haven for the die-hard gin connoisseurs of the world and proving what tempting and extravagant gin flavours are possible.

Denzien is one part commercial distillery, one part industrial-chic tasting shop, where gin-lovers come to try Mark and Eaomn’s tasty trial-and-error attempts and give feedback on the latest spirits that are distilled before their very eyes.

In true Wellington fashion, every single Denzien concoction reflects the city where urban dwellers rub shoulders with fashionistas and politicians, where no time is a bad time to enjoy a strong gin, and where imagination is the key ingredient in these small-batch gins.

  • Silver -2022 NZ Spirits Awards
  • Silver - 2021 NZ Spirits Awards
  • Bronze - 2020 NZ Spirits Awards
  • Bronze - 2021 London Spirits Competition

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