DQ Swedish Vodka

DQ Swedish Vodka

  • Vodka
  • Sweden, 1,000ml

Award winning DQ Vodka is made with Swedish winter wheat and pure Sweden water, and comes packaged in a simply stunning, futuristic bottle. It looks a bit like something you'd plug into a space ship to fuel it (like in Event Horizon).

  • Distillery: Nordic Spirit
  • Type: Vodka
  • Region: Sweden
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 1,000ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

Please note: The little pole running through the middle of the bottle may move a bit. Nothing to worry about.

Instead of cluttering the beautiful Distilled Quality Vodka bottle with a long description of the production process, Nordic Spirit chose to tell this story through four distinct symbols on the base of the bottle. Every bottle of Distilled Quality is branded with Nordic's unique “Hallmarks of Quality”. Not only do they tell the Made Undiluted story of Distilled Quality, but they are even proof that the product you are buying is an authentic, high quality product from the Distilled Quality factory in Malmköping, Sweden.

Symbol 1 - Product of Sweden. From the pure mid-western part of the vodka belt.

Symbol 2 - Made from the finest Swedish winter wheat and blended with pure Swedish spring water from Malmköping.

Symbol 3 - Sweden’s master blenders are using a secret distillation method so pure that subsequent filtering is not necessary.

Symbol 4 - Continuously distilled according to traditional Swedish methods.

It is Nordic's production process that allows them to turn the idea of luxury into something physical and real. Distilled Quality Vodkas unique bottle is made by one of the finest glass makers in Europe. The metal surfaces of the parts are produced to high-quality automotive standards. The finish for the top and bottom caps is satin chrome. They have made every effort to create a bottle that truly honours its contents. Nordic believe that during the last 10 years Vodka has changed from being purely a drinks business to becoming a luxury goods business. It is ever more about lifestyle, fashion and elegance than the beverage inside the bottle. They think it should be about both. Nordic offer tangible luxury, both in terms of outer design and the liquid inside.

 Nordic's blending and bottling plant is situated in the small town of Malmköping, where spirits have been blended since the early 1800's due to the incredible purity of the water found in its subterranean aquifers. Only three other distilleries in the world utilise the same special methods of fermentation and distillation as Nordic, however none have access to the pure Swedish water that determines much of the purity and smoothness of the resulting fine spirits.

Sweden's winter wheat is a magical product. It is planted in autumn and the seeds remain in the rich soil throughout the arctic winter. Biological impurities do not survive these harsh conditions. The next bit of magic is the midnight sun. Compared to central Europe and the US, Sweden's wheat fields enjoy at least five more hours of daylight during each summer day, so Nordic's wheat becomes richer and more complex than any southern crops.

Sweden is the land of the midnight sun, of long harsh winters and of pure water. Sweden's wheat fields are amongst the richest in the world, nourished by more than 20 hours of sunshine during our warm summer days.

The result of using such fine ingredients and Sweden's extreme seasons, is a better vodka and you will taste the difference. 

  • Silver - 2019 Wines & Spirits Wholesalers of America
  • Double Gold - 2018 Wines & Spirits Wholesalers of America
  • Silver - 2018 International Wine & Spirit Competition
  • 2017 Lux Magazine Award
  • Luxury Brand of The Year - 2013, Poland
  • Golden Star - 2012 United Vodka, Cannes



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