Embassy Golden NZ Rum

Embassy Golden NZ Rum

  • Dark Rum
  • New Zealand, 750ml

This Embassy Gold is an award winning NZ rum with a lovely polished-wood colour and has a nose with Christmas like qualities, full and rich. The palate is smooth and sweet with a honey introduction, tiered with hints of cinnamon, layered on anise with a marzipan finish. Embassy Rum is a well-matured, smooth yet complex rum, using perfected blending techniques that order a wealth of character

  • Distillery: Embassy Rum
  • Type: Dark/Golden Rum
  • Region: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 37.5%
  • Volume: 750ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

“How did we get started? Well, what started as a hobby, handcrafting our own rum and enjoying it with close friends, turned into a desire to share our enthusiasm for rum with the world.

At that particular time, there were only a couple of mediocre New Zealand rum brands on the market, but nothing boutique or infused. The only significant New Zealand based rum company was enjoying a rise in popularity due to…well….a fairly decent marketing budget. With this in mind, we believed that a more genuine authentic and home-grown approach was required.

On his search to upscale production, Jason was referred to a New Zealand spirit maker who was a “Master Distiller. This “Master Distiller” shared his stories and his open disdain for most of the rums on offer here in New Zealand but went on to share about his favourite, of which he still had some in his private collection. Passing the torch and in a gesture of kinsman-ship, he gave a small portion of this batch to Jason to help him on his journey. This was exactly what Jason was looking for! Sourced from one of the older distilleries in the Caribbean, this particular rum was made with the molasses of the sugarcane grown on the banks of the river which flows next to the distillery. Taking this style of rum base, blending it with New Zealand rainwater and experimenting with spice and fruit infusions over the course of two years, a perfect balance was found!

Each bottle of Rum is an Embassy in itself, representing the purity that is embodied in New Zealand rainwater, blended with the characteristics of the Caribbean to deliver unmatched flavour and quality.

With infusion and New Zealand rainwater being the rums point of difference, we know that we can offer you an unadulterated rum experience.” Embassy

  • Silver - 2019 World Spirits Competition (Singapore )
  • Bronze - 2021 International Wine & Spirits Competition - First Rum


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