Good George Lager

Good George Lager

  • Lager
  • New Zealand, 330ml

Lager (4.2%) looks a light golden straw colour, and has aromas of lime, citrus, and floral hops. On the palate it's very crisp, dry, and is incredibly refreshing and drinkable.

  • Brewery: Good George
  • Type / Style: Lager
  • Region: Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 4.2%
  • Volume: 330ml
  • Vessel: Can

Enjoy with: Buffalo wings, grilled pork and chicken, burgers, Mexican food, spicy food, shellfish, light seafood and sushi

This lager was brewed to be that perfect go to beer but with a beautiful and interesting hop forward aroma. Refreshing with a delicate malt flavour of cereals.

Good George came to life after a bunch of Hamiltonian friends got together and decided, after years in hospitality and brewing, it was time to create their own craft beer brand. Their main motivation was to show people what great beer can be, convert drinkers from the norm and show them how to enjoy fantastic beer. Their belief was that beer can be so much better and more rewarding.

Small problem though, they had no idea how to brew beer. Not put off lightly, they decided to open Hamilton’s first independent pub, dedicated to craft beer from New Zealand brewers. The idea gathered momentum in 2011 when the former St George's Church in an industrial area of Hamilton was discovered that offered a perfect mix of location, character and potential. Most importantly, it helped give Good George its brand name.

Impressed with the set up, international Beer Judge Brian Watson joined as a brewer and the brewery was born. A few years on and the brewery has expanded outdoors from the original premise – with 14 new tanks added and now days the bottling, canning and packaging is done on site. Brewery tours are available, and the Dining Hall serves brunch, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Good George is more than just a brewery, it is a complete hospitality and beer lover’s experience. The Good George is New Zealand-owned, brews world-class beer and cider, fresh and original, and proudly brewed in Hamilton.


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