Harahorn Cask Aged Gin

Harahorn Cask Aged Gin

  • Cask Aged Gin
  • Norway, 500ml

Fresh, piney juniper and a touch of berry sweetness, with lively citrus, tannic oak and vanilla pod. This cask aged gin has been stored in Oloroso sherry casks for one year, resulting in some oaky, fruity notes being introduced to the flavour profile.

  • Type: Cask Aged Gin
  • Region: Grimstad, Norway
  • Alcohol: 41.7%
  • Volume: 500ml

Goes with: Ice, premium tonic, citrus garnish

A premium cask gin with softness and elegance, composed specifically with classic drinks in mind, think Negroni.


"We broke the monopoly - Det Norske Brenneri, formerly Puntervold / Agder Brenneri, has its production and barrel warehouse in Grimstad in Sørlandet. Among other things, various aquavit brands and apple spirits have been produced here since the liquor production monopoly in Norway was dissolved in 2005. We were the first private distillery in Norway after more than 80 years of the Norwegian monopoly. Grimstad has a history dating back to the 1880s when it comes to the production of liqueur wines, through the brand Fuhr.

We are passionate about old crafts - in our aquavits we only use the finest herbs and spices, many of them gathered directly from the Norwegian nature. Due to the climate, there are few places on this planet where herbs and berries have such a taste and aroma as in Norway. Det Norske Brenneri collaborates with botanist Rolv Hjelmstad in Urtekilden in Oppdal and organic herbs from Røros. We place great importance on barrel storage and use only the best Oloroso sherry barrels from Spain. Many of our aquavits have received Norwegian and international awards for their quality.

Today, Det Norske Brenneri is best known for its craft products; the aquavits Arvesølvet, Arvesølvet Helt Klar, Høvding and Hellstrøm. In 2012, we launched Norway's first single malt whiskey, called Audny. The sequel, Eiktyrne, came in November 2015. That year we also launched a new Norwegian gin - based on Norwegian berries and herbs. Harahorn - Norwegian small batch gin - is a real craft gin.

The Harahorn - for many centuries, hunters and mountain men have sworn to have seen it. In North American folklore this creature is known as Jackalope; in Norway we know it as the Harahorn. Harahorn is also the name of a Norwegian Mountain. From that mountain plateau, beneath the northern lights, we found the wonderful juniper berries for our Norwegian Gin. We traced the Harahorn’s tracks through abandoned mountain farms where we found our rhubarb, to the deep forests of the Norwegian Lowlands where we harvest our blueberries and you will have our handcrafted small batch gin." Det Norske Brenneri 


  • Double Gold - 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Gin




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