Hazesteria Hazy Pale Ale

Hazesteria Hazy Pale Ale

  • Hazy Pale Ale
  • New Zealand, 330ml

Creamy in colour. The Citra hops lead to refreshing notes of orange and mango. Easy drinking and a great hazy pale ale for summer.

  • Brewery: Brothers Beer
  • Style: Hazy Pale Ale
  • Region: Mt. Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 4.6%
  • Volume: 330ml
  • Vessel: Can
  • Other: Hoppiness 4/5; Maltiness 2/5; Hops - Mosaic, Motueka, Citra; Malts - Heidelberg, Lager Light, Wheat, Oats
  • Enjoy with: Steak, barbecue ribs, burritos, fajitas, Mozzarella sticks and Mexican food

"There was a buzz around town. “All I know is they used Heidleburg and Lager for malt” said a source close to the Brothers Beer crew. Soon people started gathering around the brewery on Akiraho Street. “I heard they are doing it keg only” said one young punk. “Citra” said a bearded beer geek. “Loads of Citra on the dry hop”

The crowd grew. “My friend’s friend works with a guy that knows the brewer” said a girl wearing Docs “and he says they used Mosiac AND Motueka in the boil!”

A chant began: “Hazy! Hazy! Hazy! HAZY!”

As if answering their call a light came shining out of the brewery.

The crowd stood as one and raised their hands to it."

Brothers Beer

They do say that a lot of the best ideas occur after a bottle or two of your preferred tipple have been opened, and this is very true for brewer Andy Larsen and beer aficionado Ant Browne, the men behind Brothers Beer.

A rock’n’roll and rally car fan, Andy’s dream had always been to open a brewery in his home town of Auckland, and Ant didn’t take much convincing to join him in his quest; this resulted in them creating the Retail Store and Beer Tasting Lounge in 2012. By 2015, they’d outgrown their little brewery and opened up Juke Joint in Mt Eden, now home to their smokehouse BBQ and new, expanded brewery; this has since been joined by the Barrel Room in Orakei, in Auckland’s picturesque Eastern Bays.

These brothers-from-another-mother not only brew and bottle world-class beers, they also serve up smokehouse BBQ and gourmet burgers to go with their signature range of craft beers. The perfect partnership.



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