Legend Of Kremlin Vodka +Red Book

  • Vodka
  • Russia, 700ml

"As you take your first sip, you notice the subtle entry and move through the clear notes with peppery aromas. The dry medium-full body lifts the palate with toasty grain cereal and delicate mineral flavours. With a sweet and spicy finish, the vanilla and honey draws you in, leaving you warm and satisfied." L.O.K.

  • Distillery: ITAR
  • Type: Vodka
  • Region: Russia
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

Legend of the Kremlin vodka is superbly well packaged, super-premium, luxury Russian vodka made from top quality grains and soft spring water. It is actually supplied to the Russian parliament, such is the vodka's repute!

'In the year 1430, deep in the Chudov Monastery in Moscow where the Kremlin now resides, the monk Isidore discovered a long-forgotten manuscript. His eyes crinkled at their corners as he looked up in delight. Days later, Isidore walked across the stone floor to the copper distillery, hands shaking as he poured from the vat that lay there. He held up the glass and peered into the colourless liquid within, the warm candlelight reflecting its clarity. Driven by his knowledge and devotion to tradition, Isidore's relentless distilling and testing was finally complete. He had developed the original formula for vodka. Through his pursuit of purity, he created the perfect spirit. Vodka became Isidore's higher calling. He put his heart and soul into improving it— until its taste transcended pleasure with every sip. Soon Russian Royalty discovered the precious liquid:Isidore's vodka became a royal delicacy, savored only by the highest of society, the recipe kept secret.

Eventually, the secret escaped and vodka spread from country to country. Soon it flowed to the four corners of the globe, each brewer putting their own twist on the original. As its popularity grew and variations continued, some feared Isidore's perfection would disappear forever. But hope was not lost. The Legend of Kremlin discovered Isidore's true vodka recipe, and recreated the bottle in the same charcoal glass used in Russian courts hundreds of years ago. Today, Isidore's work lives on in the form of Russia's most luxurious pure grain vodka. Now, everyone is invited to experience Isidore's legacy and taste the traditional excellence of The Legend of Kremlin.

We've managed to keep our cherished recipe a secret for generations, adhering to the ingredients and process developed by Monk Isidore centuries ago. Today, every stage of the process relies on the expertise of master Russian distillers, unified by their loyal adherence to Legend's core values of tradition and excellence. Legend of Kremlin is still created in custom-made copper vats, adding to its distinctive texture and rich, smooth taste. We also follow a meticulous five-part distillation process using the highest quality filters made of marble, silver and platinum, producing an unrivaled purity.

For centuries, vodka flowed from smoky glass decanters into golden goblets held by the ringed fingers of Russian kings and queens. Everyone within the inner circle — rulers, politicians and artists -- sipped the drink created by the ingenious old monk. Featuring the exclusive Romanov Imperial Crest, each unique, elegantly hand-crafted Legend of Kremlin bottle assumes the form of a traditional 15th century Russian smokey gray crystal carafe used to serve the monarchy in ancient times." Legend of Kremlin 

  • Gold - 2018 The Vodka Masters (The Spirits Business) - Ultra Premium Vodka
  • Gold -2018 The Travel Retail Masters (The Spirits Business) - Vodka
  • Gold - “Best Super Premium Vodka” - Drinks International Vodka Challenge Competition (London)
  • Gold - International Review of Spirits Competition - Beverage Testing Institute (Chicago)
  • Grand Prix of the Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia (Moscow)
  • Gold - Quality and Design at the “United Vodka” Competition (Brussels)
  • Master in Category – RUSSIAN VODKAS at the Vodka Masters 2011 Competition (London)
  • Gold - Regional Category-Russia at the Vodka Masters 2010 Competition (London)
  • Master in Design & Packaging at the Vodka Masters 2010 (London)
  • Overall Winner - “Vodka Challenge 2007” International Spirits Challenge (London)
  • Gold - “Best Vodka in Regional category - Russia” - 2007 Drinks International Vodka Challenge Competition (London)
  • Master & Gold Medal - Super Premium Vodka - Vodka Masters 2007 (London)
  • Master in Design & Packaging at the Vodka Masters 2007 (London)
  • Grand Prix “World Food Moscow 2006” tasting competition (Moscow)
  • Gold & “Golden Brand” Award at the LENEXPO 2006 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  • Grand Prix - International Design & Packaging “World Star 2006” competition (Poznan, Poland)
  • Grand Prix at “PRODEXPO-2005” Spirits Competition (Moscow)



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