LWF Distilling Rhubarb Rum

LWF Distilling Rhubarb Rum

  • Rum
  • New Zealand, 500ml

Delicate pink hue, fruity nose. Starts as a flavourful rum then finishes with a delicate tart Rhubarb flavour. Opens up with bubbles - lemonade if you like your drinks sweet and tonic if you like the tarter beverage.

  • Distillery: LWF Distilling
  • Type: Rhubarb Rum
  • Region: New Plymouth, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Goes with: Ice, premium tonic or soda water with a squeeze of lime juice

Naturally infused with up to six different Rhubarb varieties. It was important to LWF's distiller that this is a Rum first with a back note of Rhubarb. It opens up when with soda water, add a touch of lime juice, and for those who enjoy a more tart drink, it partners well with tonic.

Situated under the Kaitake Ranges, on the family farm in Oakura, Taranaki, LWF Distillery is a classic story of home calling. Returning to New Plymouth after 19 years Janet took over the utility shed on the farm and converted it to a beautiful rum distillery.

Utilising the natural resources, including the 5 times filtered NZ rainwater, the distillery also has a working garden to help supply the Rhubarb, lemons, limes and Feijoa used in their various executions.

You can go visit the distillery where behind the scenes events are run every month, enjoy a cocktail and chat everything rum.

Having supported Kiva in her corporate career, a not for profit that gives micro-loans to people who could not otherwise access finance, Janet wanted her company to keep the ethos of helping people help themselves by using a portion of profits quarterly kiva loans and annually donating the balance to Kiva to keep them going - LWF = Life Worth Funding.

Silver - 2021 London Spirits Competition


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