Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Rum

Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Rum

  • Dark Rum
  • Barbados, 700ml

A round and punchy premium rum from Mount Gay. Refined harmony of fruity rich vanilla, banana, oaky and mocha notes. A delicious balance of raisin, spice and toast. Exceptional roundness with a long, delicate finish.

  • Distillery: Mount Gay
  • Type: Dark Rum
  • Region: Barbados, Caribbean
  • Alcohol: 43%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

This 1703 Master Select blend features a blend of Mount Gay's rarest and finest single and double distilled rums. Ranging from 10 to 30 year old rums. Annually only a single batch of 1703 is made, approximately 12,000 bottles. Master Blender Allen Smith carefully selects the blends, bottles and labels each bottle of 1703 by hand.

It takes every drop of their heritage - past and present - to make Mount Gay Rum. From the founding in 1703, to the legendary leadership of Sir John Gay Alleyne. To the digging of their first and only well. To the single-strand fields of cane they’re planting at the plantation today. It’s all part of Mount Gay Rum. A story you can taste in every bottle. And a heralded rum heritage.

Mount Gay Rum and their historic landscape was originally owned by John Sober - who inherited a small distillery at the top of Mount Gilboa in the St. Lucy parish of Barbados, far back in 1703. Eventually, the Sober family hired Sir John Gay Allende - a fourth generation Barbadian - to usher in a new era for the distillery. His innovations and achievements were so profoundly successful that the Sober family renamed the entire distillery his honour. And the world became introduced to a new name with a pedigree of excellence and craftsmanship. Mount Gay.

Inseparable are the natural elements of Barbados and Mount Gay Rum. Since day one, the water, cane and airborne yeast have combined to create Mount Gay rums. The process of refining the cane into sugar, then into fermented molasses is more than tradition, it is Mount Gay's most essential ingredient.

Adored throughout history by famous figures, such as George Washington. Awarded by connoisseurs and critics. Enjoyed at an island-pace by you and friends.

  • Silver - NZ Spirits Awards
  • Gold - 2020 Would Run Awards

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