Mt. Eden Vodka

Mt. Eden Vodka

  • Vodka
  • New Zealand, 700ml

40% raw spirit distilled 5 times. 60% unaltered spring water. Nothing else. A smooth, pure and easy drinking NZ vodka.

  • Type: Vodka
  • Region: Mt. Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 40.0%
  • Volume: 700ml

Goes with: Ice, quality mixer, its a great canvas for an awesome cocktail

Vodka is a simple liquor. Andrew and Simon applies this principle to all aspects of the product, from the distillation process to the packing. Distillation takes place in New Zealand with a core value of the brand to be made from the best available raw materials.

Raw spirit undergoes five separate distillations through a hybrid copper pot still. Each time only the heart (the purest part of the spirit) is retained to ensure maximum purity and smoothness. To get the spirit to drinking strength, unaltered spring water from a natural spring in Tauranga is then added. To achieve perfection they then charcoal filter several times before finally chilling to well below zero degrees celsius and filtering through the finest microfibre filters they can get his hands on, only then is MT.EDEN Vodka ready for bottling.

Andrew Stuart’s dream was a modest one, to create a simple but powerful vodka, one that he could share with friends and create with his brother Simon. Their first batch made from the distilling kit instructions “tasted more like nail polish than vodka”, but 6 years of personal flair and refinement later have resulted in a modest yet sophisticated drink that embodies simplicity at every stage of production.

Andrew left his “safe” accounting job to boldly create, discover and distil this sublime product that makes you want to get together with friends. Today Mt Eden Vodka, named after the neighbourhood the brothers grew up in, brings you a spirit so good you’ll want to share with everyone you know (but still keep most of it for yourself!).


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