No.8 Distillery Absinthe 1926

No.8 Distillery Absinthe 1926

  • Absinthe
  • New Zealand, 700ml

"A family recipe since 1926" 72% ABV. Like being smacked in the face with a log of soft-eating liquorice. This little green fairy is ripped and is an undisputed MMA champion." No.8 Distillery

  • Distillery: No.8 Distillery
  • Type: Absinthe
  • Region: Otago, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 72% (seventy two percent)
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Water, premium soda water or plain tonic, as part of a cocktail

"There are several different ways to drink this spirit: one of which is to drink it straight. Only absinthes of the very highest calibre taste good straight and we’re proud to boast that the No8 Absinthe tastes great even at these rocket fuel-levels.

Not everyone is prepared to wrestle the green fairy at full strength and many a bar will burn absinthe-soaked sugar until it caramelises and then add it, still burning, to the rest of the measure. The flames can be put out by adding cold water, which will bring the absinthe roughly to a reasonable 38% ABV to be savoured, preferably in a crystal glass. This recipe has been handed down in Julien's family over three generations." No.8 Distillery

Note the 72% ABV strength of this Absinthe, please drink carefully and responsibly.

"The Distillery

The still sits in the window at the Dog with Two Tails in sunny Dunedin. Our processes – drying botanicals that we've foraged, macerating, distilling, mixology - is all on display. This is part of our goal to demystify the art of distilling and make it more accessible to the good and gorgeous people of Dunners. We also have a refill & bottle swap system and sustainable program to do 0 waste.

Number 8

No.8 Distillery comes from the need to get things done with what we had to hand while setting up and installing our distillery during the April 2020 lockdown & fix everything with a No8 wire cable. Our still is a beautiful Franken-machine named "Therese" with all sorts of parts thrown together and reconfigurable (yes, we both played a lot with lego when we were kids). We’ve ended up with a unique still that can do more than most stills her size. The No.8 attitude carries on in the way that we’ll experiment with different and unconventional ways of extraction to see what we get. Julien also created our first gin - the Horopito Fire Gin with 8 main ingredients.


Julien is the mad guru behind the spirits. He is the distillation of three generations of distillation. Julien’s family come from Deauville - Normandy - France and have distilled Calvados, an apple liquor and speciality of the region, since 1910. Julien is following a proud family tradition and we have named the still Thérèse in honour of his grand-mère. Julien has also worked as a chef and pastry chef for 18 years, including working as senior sous chef and head pastry chef at Michelin starred restaurant and 5 stars hotel. For Julien, different spirits suit different moods. He crafts spirits to be full of flavour and to appeal to different states of mind. The Horopito Gin works well when you’re feeling extroverted and the Hibiscus Gin is the one to give you a hug.


Michael is the converted disciple to Julien’s teachings. Being teetotal is an unusual beginning for a distiller, but with his background in science, speciality coffee and chocolate, distilling, and Julien’s infectious enthusiasm, was too fascinating to ignore. Michael started the first third-wave roasteries in Scotland and Malaysia under the Artisan Roast brand and also Seniman Kakao - a speciality chocolate factory in Malaysia. What unites these with distilling is a pursuit of quality and a passion for flavours. For Michael, a plant-devouring vegetarian, the world is full of wonderful flavours and the challenge is how to capture those flavours and get them into the bottle."

Julien & Michael

  • Bronze - 2022 London Spirits Competition
  • Silver - 2021 New Zealand Spirits Awards

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