Plantation Original Dark Double Aged Rum

Plantation Original Dark Double Aged Rum

  • Dark Rum
  • Barbados, 700ml

A premium bar and cocktail classic. On the nose, hints of black peppercorn, clove, cinnamon, baked cherry, prune, molasses; later sniffs encounter forest, leaves, black tea, dry stone. On the palate, entry is fruity with white raisins, dried pineapple, and is off-dry, midpalate is spicy, piquant, minerally and significantly drier than the entry stage. Ends spicy.

  • Distillery: Plantation
  • Type: Dark Rum
  • Region: Barbados
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

The rich and intense style of Jamaica and Barbados, with their notes of plum, banana and vanilla, is enhanced by meticulous blending and further maturation, in France. Blend of Barbados 1-3 year old, Jamaican Pot Still High Ester 10-15 year old, Finally blended into a wooden vat to age for 3 to 6 months in the southwest of France. The result is a profound structure spiced with notes of cinnamon and clove, whose smoky quality adds texture. 

Plantation Rum was born out of a long standing relationship between fine Cognac producer Maison Ferrand and some of the best rum distilleries in the Caribbean. Maison Ferrand has always had close relationships with the best distilleries in the Caribbean, selling them their highly prized casks, that had once contained its cognac, to mature their spirits. Throughout these exchanges, Maison Ferrand had the opportunity to discover some very old batches of rum with extraordinary richness and a diversity of aroma and flavour. Available in tiny quantities, Maison Ferrand decided to estate bottle and age these rums that would have otherwise been intended for the personal consumption of the distillery’s cellar master or used to give style to industrial rum blends.

Plantation is now a full range of seven vintage rums and three blended rums made by Ferrand's cellar master. Each rum is the perfect expression of its country of origin, it's terroir and it's distillery.

  • Gold - 2018 World Spirits Award
  • Gold - 2017 Bahamas Rum Festival - Rum Competition
  • Gold - 2016 - Rhum Festival - Melasse Rum 3-6YO
  • Gold - 2015 XPCompetition USA - Best in Class - Rum
  • Best in Class  - 2015 Miami Rum Festival
  • 93/100 Points, Excellent, Highly Recommended - 2015 Ultimate Spirit Challenge USA
  • 4 Stars & Highly Recommended - 2014 Spirits Journal USA
  • Gold & Best in Class - 2014 XPCompetition USA - Rum
  • Gold - 2014 Rhum Festival Paris
  • 4 Stars & Highly Recommended - 2014 Spirits Journal USA
  • 92/100 Points & Best Buy - 2013 Beverage Testing Institute USA
  • Gold & Best in Class - 2013 XPCompetition USA - Rum

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