Shining Peak Highwayman APA

Shining Peak Highwayman APA

  • American Pale Ale
  • New Zealand, 330ml

American Strong Pale Ale. Subtle sweet caramel malts with a gentle bitterness and citrus and tropical hop character.

  • Brewery: Shining Peak Brewing
  • Style: American pale Ale
  • Region: New Plymouth, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 5.7%
  • Volume: 330ml
  • Vessel: Can
  • Other: Hops: Citra, Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo; Malts: NZ Ale Malt, Aurora, Crystal and British Caramalt
  • Enjoy with: Steak, barbecue ribs, burritos, fajitas, Mozzarella sticks, Gorgonzola cheese, Mexican food

"In the late 19th century, Taranaki was terrorised by a bona fide highway robber called Robert Wallath. Robert was on the young side but he was enthusiastic and principled. He never took money from the working poor, just property developers and dotcom billionaires, giving him a Robin Hood reputation that probably saved his neck." Shining Peak

"At Shining Peak Brewing, we proudly take our name from our province – Taranaki. In Māori, tara means mountain peak and naki is thought to come from ngaki meaning shining – referring to the mountain’s winter snow cover.

Our beers are brewed onsite at 59 Gill Street by Head Brewer Jesse Sigurdsson and team. It’s here you can sample our range of beers straight from the tap, enjoyed with food from our eatery, prepared by award winning Head Chef – Freddie Ponder. We also have a bit of spiritual nourishment in mind too, which is why we dedicate 5% of beer revenues to local charities and organisations." Shining Peak Brewing


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