An image of a bottle of Los Siete Misterios Doba-Yej Espadin agave Joven Mezcal

Los Siete Misterios Doba-Yej Mezcal Joven

  • Joven Mezcal
  • Mexico, 700ml

Rich and smoky copper pot distilled Mezcal from Oaxaca. This is a great example of the quality Siete Misterios is known for – oily and thick with barbecued agave on the nose that gives way to citrus oil, fresh herbs and notes of stone fruit sweetness on the palate. Compliments cocktails superbly.

  • Distillery: Los Siete Misterios
  • Type: Joven Mezcal
  • Region: Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Alcohol: 44%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Other: Espadín Agave, double distilled in Copper Pot Still
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice, premium soda

Siete Misterios Doba-Yej is made from agave Espadin. Doba-Yej is Zapotec for agave Espadin, and they chose this name as this mezcal is different from the Siete Misterios Espadin. It is the first expression from Siete Misterios that is made in a copper still rather than the clay pot still seen in their other mezcals. The milling for this mezcal is also done by horse-drawn tahona, rather than by hand like the other Siete Misterios mezcal.

A superb Espadin agave Joven Mezcal by Los Siete Misterios from Oaxaca in Mexico. Great mezcal gift for someone special or corporate gift. Buy right here and get delivered direct to your door, we deliver nationwide.

Born Mezcal Lovers

Inspired by the passion, traditions, and culture of their native Mexico, brothers Eduardo and Julio Mestre founded Los Siete Misterios in 2010 with the goal of making a Mezcal that represents the customs, culture, and passion of Mexico.

Eduardo and Julio spent years sampling Mezcal from villages across Oaxaca. They met local Maestro Mezcaleros who use traditional techniques honed over generations. In an effort to preserve this ancestral knowledge, Eduardo and Julio teamed up with Maestro Mezcaleros to collaborate on a contemporary approach to traditional Mezcal.

Beginning with highest quality agave plants, Los Siete Misterios follows ancestral methods including cooking in underground ovens, milling with wooden mallets, and often distilling with hand-made clay pots. This allows them to pursue their goal of respecting Mezcal traditions and customs while supporting local Mexican workers.


Siete Misterios seek to respect Mezcal traditions and customs. Their partnership with Maestros Mezcaleros across Mexico helps these families continue to create authentic, ancestral Mezcal and support local Mexican workers. They collaborate to ensure all their palenques, or distilleries, follow traditional production methods.

Joven Mezcal of varying alcoholic content.

Distilled with only 100% natural agave sugars that come from ripe plants.

Produced using traditional techniques: cooking in underground ovens, fermenting naturally, and distilling at least twice.

Artisanal and limited production to preserve the whole spirit, heritage, and tradition of Mezcal.

Production Process

Every great Mezcal starts with the right production process. At Los Siete Misterios, they ensure every detail supports creating the highest quality Mezcal: 

HARVEST - Maestros Mezcaleros only harvest agave plants that are fully matured. They wait until the plant produces, or is about to produce, its quiote (stem), which happens right before the agave dies. 

COOKING - Agaves are cooked in traditional underground ovens made of earth and stones. Mezcaleros use local wood to fuel the fire and place river stones, which get extremely hot, on top. They layer plant matter over the stones, then the agave piñas, tarps, and soil for three to five days.

MILLING - Maestro Mezcaleros use two milling techniques. They either use a hand-carved wooden mallet or traditional Chilean Tahona horse to crush the agave. 

FERMENTATION - They then place the juice and fibres in large wooden vats where they are exposed to open air. The local temperature and wild yeast naturally ferment the agaves. Siete Misterios does not add anything except pure spring water.


Siete Misterios use two main distillation techniques. Their artisanal Mezcals are distilled in copper pots while their ancestral Mezcals are distilled in ancestral clay pots. In both techniques, they uphold tradition by distilling twice.

  • Platinum Award - 2022 TAG Global Spirits Awards
  • 93/100 Points - Guia Penin



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