Some Young Punks The Squid's Fist 2018

Some Young Punks The Squid's Fist 2018

  • Sangiovese Shiraz
  • Australia, 750ml

The Squid’s Fist is a deep, structured, seductive and dangerously drinkable wine. Loaded with dark fruits: plum and cherries and a nice touch of oak. Good lengthy finish.

  • Winery: Adelina - Some Young Punks
  • Varietal: Sangiovese, Shiraz
  • Region: Clare Valley, Australia
  • Vintage: 2018
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Volume: 750ml
  • Closure: Screwcap
  • Other: Vegan-friendly, contains sulphites
  • Roast pork, lamb chops & game meat; Prosciutto & salami; pasta with meat sauce; grilled vegetables; semi-aged cheeses

All fruit comes from the Hill River vineyard in Polish Hill River (Clare).

The Squid's Fist saga - "A Battle in the Deep as two foes collide! The Squid's Fist lands hard against the crude steel of the submersible, the force buckles, kinks and crushes it as an old rivalry comes to a head 750ml under the seal. Once again the TNT team find themselves submerged in high drama. How will they survive both the wrath of the mighty Cephalopod and the diabolical plans of the crazed engineer?"

Words of founders Jen, Col & Nic: "We wanted to do something that had been done before, to make exceptional wine with small estate charm. The ethos is simple, self-centred, and just a little arrogant. We make charismatic wines that are true to what we think "wine" should be about. If someone doesn't like the way we do it then they had better put the bottle down because there's already not enough to go around. Each wine, each vintage, and each label is a moment that will never come again - a winemaker should only ever promise to be consistently good, never just consistent. Each time we make a wine it may be the last wine we make - and if it isn't worthy of being the last then it will never wear the Some Young Punks name. We believe that awesome wine is a powerful aid to creativity, there is always the danger that while drinking a bottle of Punks you may also be pushed to acts of random winemaking, it definitely keeps us ticking over. I refer you, the jury, to the gaudy bottles of plonk stamped Some Young Punks. It's OK to judge a book by its cover, we judged the covers of books to decide on these labels. We need you to see us, and we don't have lineage, or tithe in that respect. This beautiful trade-off left us plenty of time to talk and drink and then talk some more. And when it was time we bottled it. Presto" With labels that clearly reference a new way of approaching wine, with no constraints of lineage or history, Some Young Punks has developed a devoted following in the Australian market, with younger drinkers identifying with both the attitude and the quality of the wines. Striving for varietal and vintage honesty, Punks are wines to notice, and enjoy, with growers providing fruit from throughout South Australia to produce these lovely small volume wines.


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