Untitled Pinot3 red edition

Untitled Pinot3 red edition

  • Pinot Blend
  • New Zealand, 750ml

A bit like Spider-man, this wine is a young, red, fleet-footed and witty thing that likes to swing ... but still has a good moral compass. With no oak and very little sulphur, like Spidey, this wine is about purity and agility rather than power and brawn.

  • Winery: Untitled Wines
  • Varietal: 78% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Gris, 2% Pinot Blanc
  • Region: Marlborough (predominantly), New Zealand
  • Vintage: 2019 (predominantly), 2017
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Volume: 750ml
  • Closure: Screwcap

Food pairing: Chicken & duck; lamb & mild sausage; tuna & salmon; mushroom risotto; mushroom & light-medium red sauces; brie & goats cheese

"Making this wine was a bit of an impromptu decision. A very small amount of top quality Petit Verdot from an organic West Auckland vineyard was unexpectedly offered to Untitled in exchange for some wine. Too good an opportunity to miss, hands shook and the deal was done."

Untitled, a wine range striving to be different. The impetus for this unique range of multi-vintage, multi-regional, and multi-varietal wines came from a feeling of uniformity within in the industry.

While the specific assemblage of varieties in each wine maybe something a bit different the reasoning behind the blends are not at all unorthodox.

The use of multiple vintages was inspired by those great non-vintage wines of Champagne, Oporto, Xeres, and Madeira and gives both complexity and freshness to the final wine.

The multi-regional inspiration largely came from the legendary Penfolds Grange. But also Chateau Palmer’s Historic XIX Century Wine and the creative multiregional blending wine merchants of yesteryear used to improve wines prior to AOC regulations.

The multi-varietal aspect was inspired predominantly by Chateauneuf-du-Pape and particularly those producers that use all 13 permitted varieties, such as Chateau Beaucastel and Domaine de Beaurenard. Inspiration also came from The Prisoner and the ‘proprietary’ red blend movement underway in the United States.

The attitude, persistence, and wine making philosophy of Sine Qua Non has also been a huge inspiration for this project.

The lot number on the back labels gives an insight to the dominant vintage, the number of grape varieties used, and the number of regions that have gone into creating these delicious, sophisticated, and nuanced refreshments.


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