Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve Rum

Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve Rum

  • Dark Rum
  • Jamaica, 700ml

A natural, light amber colour; the nose is punchy with upfront aromas of light tobacco and toasted oak with spicy fruit – raisins and plums. With time light notes of vanilla become evident. On the mouth luscious and tropical fruits with a soft, buttery and almost creamy texture. Dry a slightly bitter, soft tannins are rounded out by toasted oak and nutmeg. A hint of black pepper finished off with a touch of ginger as it lingers with it’s soft, dry finish.

  • Distillery: Worthy Park Estate
  • Type: Dark (Gold) Rum
  • Region: Jamaica
  • Alcohol: 45%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

Announced in 2017, Worth Park's Single Estate Reserve is one of the first official releases from the distillers in Jamaica, with other bottlings from Worthy Park released under the Rum-Bar name. This expression is drawn from American oak bourbon barrels and has been bottled at 45% ABV.


Jamaican rum continues to be recognized throughout the world as distinctively flavourful and a top quality rum. This does not happen by accident!

Deep in the heart of Lluidas Vale sits The Worthy Park Estate. Protected by the surrounding mountain ranges and encompassed by lush and fertile terrain; in the acres and acres of sugar cane fields is where it all begins. The cane fields were designed with careful consideration to not only the varieties of sugar cane growing in the fields but to the planting and drainage, soil type and the method of harvesting the field. Following the tradition of sugar cane cultivation that has continued unabated at Worthy Park since 1720; The first ever record of rum production was in 1741, years before any other existing distillery in Jamaica.

The molasses used in Worthy Park's rum production is extracted in their on property sugar factory; a sugar factory that has maintained its rank as the most efficient in Jamaica every year since 1968. With the completion of a state-of-the-art distillery in 2005, Worthy Park was back in the rum business. Being the newest distillery, it was built with efficiency in mind and designed to maintain the highest level of quality. From the water used in blending, to the propriety native yeast cultivated from their own sugar cane crop, each step in the distillation process is measured and evaluated to ensure consistency and quality.

Worthy Park distill their rums in the traditional Jamaican Pot- Still method to give you a heavy bodied rum full of esters and congeners. The 100% copper Pot-Still was made by Forsyths, the industry leader in Pot-Still manufacturing from Scotland. 

Worthy Park Estate Ltd. is known for offering a traditional, authentic Jamaica Rum. Their portfolio of product’s offer a different taste for each occasion. Whether it is their Rum-Bar White Overproof Rum, Rum-Bar Gold, our Rum-Bar Rum Cream, you can take any to create a perfect mood and satisfy your rum thirst.


  • Gold - 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition
  • Gold - 2020 The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business) - Ultra Premium - Gold Rum
  • Double Gold - 2019 The San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Gold - 2019 The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business) - Ultra Premium - Gold Rum
  • Bronze - 2019 International Wine & Spirit Competition
  • Double Gold - 2018 The San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Masters - 2018 The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business)
  • Gold - 2018 International Spirits Challenge - Rum Aged 5-10yo




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