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Nestled in the foothills of the Southern Alps near picturesque Arrowtown, Broken Heart Spirits was born from the memory of a beloved life lost. They endeavour to create gin that captures the glory days of a friendship between two Germans, Joerg and Bernd, that met in the South Island and bonded over their mutual appreciation for creating fine spirits before Bernd tragically passed away. After months of mourning his dear friend, Joerg realised Bernd would want him to produce and market the gin which they had worked so hard on together, and named it Broken Heart Spirits in commemoration of his dear friend. 9 years on, what started as a small operation has expanded into a company that produce 12 award winning products and a gin tasting bar and restaurant called the Gin Garden. Priding itself on still being a small, artisanal distillery, the team at both Broken Heart and the Gin Garden are passionate in everything they do in honour of the love and friendship that bore this company. View the full range below
All Broken Heart products are distilled in a garage located in Joerg’s garden in Arrowtown. The Original Gin is made from a mix of 11 natural botanicals and makes up the base for all our varieties, including flavoured Gins. These carefully selected botanicals are combined with the untouched pure spring water flowing from Mount Aspiring National Park. This water is one of the key ingredients, complimenting Broken Heart's Gin, Vodka, Rum and Whisky. The purity of this water is maintained throughout the full production method with Broken Heart priding themselves on not adding any preservatives, additives, or colourings to their final products. Authenticity and simplicity are at the heart of the outstanding spirits created by Joerg. In his family back in Germany, making wine, cider and schnapps was part of everyday life and recipes were passed through the generations. Today, the Broken Heart Quince Liqueur is the same recipe his Grandmother used and has passed down to him. View the full range below
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