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Founder Jon Hillgren believes that if you are led by your dreams, magic will happen, and his dream of creating the world’s best gin catapulted him on a journey from working as a bureaucrat, to travelling all around the world to follow his “thirst for ginspiration” and opening Sweden’s first dedicated artisan gin distillery. From a passionate, abstract idea to a world-renowned craft spirit in just a few short years, Hernö is here to show you just how good an all natural gin can be. With their secluded farm in the dramatic High Coast of Sweden, their artisan hand hammered copper stills Kierstin and Marit, and their relentless passion for crafting organic gin from the finest natural botanicals, they are distilling every discerning gin drinker’s dream in every bottle. Hernö believes in the great power of solitude, and their gin is inspired by the invigorating alpine landscape where it is distilled. View the full range below
Hernö Distillery
Herno Tom Gin
Crafted in quaint Dala in The High Coast of Sweden on a 19th century farm, these gins are made from pure mountain melted ice water that's been naturally filtered through ancient bedrock then drawn from Hernö's own well and distilled with carefully selected organic botanicals inspired by the land. Every Hernö Gin has a classic, round juniper character, fresh citrus notes and a delectable floral complexity, ranging from spices and deep wood finishes to sweet, fragrant tasting notes. Each one is characterised by fresh fragrance, smooth flavours and a lingering finish, with a playful curation of complex flavours ranging from hand-picked blackcurrants from the farm to creamy, vanilla nuttiness. Artfully distilled for maximum drinking pleasure, gin so sublime you can enjoy it by itself. View the full range below
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