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Life is measured in moments, and for Moi Wines creator Renee Dale, this is never more true than in the moment you take that first glorious sip of wine. When she first decided to start a business, Renee just wanted to make a positive impact on the world around her, and instead created some of the finest small-batch wines in the Auckland region. From studying winemaking in Italy, to discovering the Napa wine valley in California, to creating her very first Cabernet Franc in Waimauku, this brand now expresses the unique terroir of the Auckland region and produces imaginative, balanced wines that inspire your palate and celebrate the present. Like all wineries, they know that some harvests are harder than others when faced with relentless sun and rain, which makes their crisp, fragrant vintages even more extraordinary View the full range below
As a mentor once said to Renee, “Good wine, like life, is about texture”, which is exactly what you can expect in these immaculately crafted artisan wines. Locally grown, locally crafted, and locally enjoyed, Moi Wines express Auckland’s rich and unique terroir and encourage community-based producers. Expertly and passionately bottled to add to the moment rather than distract from it, each wine entices you with abundant, aromatic depth, finely woven fruity flavours like boysenberries, cherry, and plum, and fine latticed tannins that can only come from a lovingly-crafted wine. Cherish these wines with good food and even better company. View the full range below
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