Le Tribute Ginger Ale 200ml

Le Tribute Ginger Ale 200ml

  • Ginger Ale
  • Spain, 200ml

Beautifully-packaged ginger ale made by the distillers of Le Tribute gin. A delightful balance of fiery ginger and hints of fresh lemon, this works well as a mixer and in cocktails alike.

  • Producer: MG Destilerias - Le Tribute
  • Type: Ginger Ale
  • Region: Barcelona, Spain
  • Volume: 200ml
  • Goes with: Premium vodka, whiskey, rum, gin

"Ginger - we use different varieties of ginger whose main characteristic is freshness and that give to the drink a soft and sweet character. Lemongrass - this ginger ale contains natural lemongrass flavouring, providing it with a flavour that is unique and ideal for highlighting the aromatic notes of whiskey, bourbon, rum and tequila. Spring water - we use water extracted from a spring within our own distillery, which is then filtered through a reverse osmosis process until it becomes demineralised and flavourless." MG Destilerias

"We are a family business and for more than five generations have been committed to distilling tradition, quality and innovation. In addition to distilling, we also create and develop brands that grant unique experiences to those who serve them and to those who enjoy them.

Our History

1835 - MG is founded, with a clear objective: to become a national benchmark in the production of syrups and horchatas, with quality as their distinguishing factor.

1880 - We began manufacturing spirits and liqueurs, highlighting the innovative character of the Giró family.

1923 - We started producing more complex liqueurs such as brandy and carbonated drinks, specifically siphons.

1940 - We created the original Gin MG recipe from cereal alcohol and juniper berries, picked by hand in our own fields. This marked the birth of one of the first Spanish gins to be made using the traditional London Dry Gin method in copper stills.

1965 - Anticipating national consumption trends, we began the complex process involved in manufacturing whisky under the Whiskey MAG brand: malting, germination, fermentation, distillation, ageing and blending.

1982 - We elevated gin to a more premium category with the creation of Master's, a gin prepared following the London Dry method that presents 5 botanicals of the best quality: juniper, coriander, cardamom, lemon and sweet and bitter orange.

1993 - We founded MG Norte to offer a wide distribution network in the northern region of Spain.

1996 - MG Cuba was created with the aim of importing and distributing leading products worldwide in Cuba.

2010 - Anticipating consumption trends, we created Gin Mare, a gin that represents the Mediterranean, part of our DNA.

2016 - Acquisition of a majority of the capital of Amer Gourmet, a family company that has distributed and created brands in Spain for two generations.

2017 - The result of all these years of history and know-how culminates in the launch of LE TRIBUTE: a tribute to the pioneers, processes and heritage that represents our love for the development and construction of brands that leave no-one unmoved."

MG Destilerias

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