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The epic story behind Putangi Wines starts in the 1800s in the remote, wild outback of New Zealand where a man named Richard Henry made it his singular mission to save as many rare native birds as he could. Although he eventually realized that rats and ferrets could swim to his “remote” island, his determination inspired the makers of Putangi Wines to name their locally made wines after the boat that Richard bravely traversed the rough Southern straights in (lovingly named after his favourite bird). Like the exceedingly rugged and unpredictable Southern coasts of New Zealand, Putangi Wines are a testament to the unique struggle and reward of winemaking. They produce wines that “take you places”, and satisfy your need for adventure and the unknown. In honour of Richard Henry and his efforts, Putangi Wines reminds you that no matter how long and tough the day, you always have Pinot! View the full range below
These award-winning wines showcase the best of Central Otago winemaking and are best served somewhere in the fresh, wild outback of New Zealand. A fusion of individual, innovative ingredients, the tasting notes of Putangi Wines provide an unparalleled symphony of flavours: Lemon, guava, apple blossom, honeysuckle, pineapple, ginger and spice in one, plum, cherry, blackberry, leather, tobacco, and spice in the other. Whether you prefer the silky tannins and oaky char of their Pinot Noir or crave the delicate phenolics and fruity, tropical palate of their Pinot Gris, Putangi Wines are made to “take you places”. View the full range below
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  • Putangi Pinot Noir 2019
    Putangi Pinot Noir 2019
    Pinot Noir
    • New Zealand, 750ml
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