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The name, Washhouse Distillery is a nod to where it all began, a backyard laundry and the home of Waitoki’s very own gin. It started when Steve and a few neighbour’s in his cul-de-sac decided to make vodka in Steve’s laundry. Whilst the gents were certainly improving their vodka, Steve caught the bug and signed up to a distilling course and started exploring distilling with local botanicals and fruits. Now hooked, he purchased a beautiful handmade alquitar copper still, to which all Washhouse gin recipes are developed in today. Washouse is now truly a family business with Steve’s wife and kids now involved. The family manages the entire production process of these delicious Washhouse gins. Steve’s ultimate goal has always been just to make a good tasting gin. One that he enjoys producing and he (and family and friends) enjoy drinking, and without any pretence. We at COVE 27 reckon he’s well on track. View the full range below
Born out of 40 different recipes over eighteen months, the first batches of Waitoki Washhouse Gin are the result of a journey of many failures, surprises and successes. Steve felt he was on the right track. A number of blind tastings later with the neighbours, family, friends, the incredible nose and taste buds of our Australian Distiller friend Tim Stones & Expert Barrel Brewer and island farmer Garrett Sherman, Steve & family finally came up with a gin they all concluded was rather tasty. One which people would enjoy. Something distinctly different, distinctly refreshing. And so Washhouse Distillery was born! The Original Waitoki Washhouse Gin combines traditional botanicals of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root, along with the infusion of the local botanicals of Horopito and Kawakawa and a fresh, citrus explosion from orange and grapefruit. View the full range below
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