Blush Rhubarb Gin Gift Box

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  • New Zealand

This popular and mouth-watering Blush Rhubarb gin comes with two 150ml bottles of premium Tonic Water by East Imperial.

Triple distilled. Just sweet enough to be beautiful, smooth enough to be enjoyed on the rocks and enough alcohol content to make it a proper drink, with a colour that is true to the Rhubarb itself. This is a good time Gin!

  • Distillery: Blush
  • Type: Rhubarb infused gin
  • Region: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 37.5%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Ice, premium tonic, fresh mint

The very first batch was made in a 500ml jam jar, while their batches are a bit bigger now they still put the same passion and love into every bottle to make a truly memorable Gin. Keep your Blush Gin in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight, in the fridge is ideal, some sediment will occur over time.

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Blush was brought to life by two passionate wine, spirit and food lovers, Elliot and Chris.

Elliot, is the Passionate Restauranteur. He loves to experiment with all sorts of spirit infusions and concoctions. Chris, is the Engineering Professional that spent ten years in London running pubs, falling in love with hospitality industry. Elliot and Chris’s vision for Blush is simple, they want to change the perception of Gin away from the mother’s ruin to something that is lively and pleasant and can be enjoyed over Ice.

Their first gin was a beautiful Rhubarb gin made in true Kiwi style in a 500ml jam jar, thankfully their batches are slightly larger today. Some suggested they should make vodka, so they crafted a mouth-watering honey infused vodka. They then released a second gin, infused with Boysenberries, which happened to be the first boysenberry gin in the world!

  • Bronze - 2021 NZ Spirits Award
  • Bronze - 2020 NZ Spirits Awards - Gin

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