Brighton Gin Pavilion Strength Gin

Brighton Gin Pavilion Strength Gin

  • Gin
  • England, 700ml

This delicious and easy drinking Pavilion Strength gin is Brighton Gin's original hand-made craft British gin. Clear and bright in the glass, the subtle notes of juniper and persistent hints of orange make this gin gentle and approachable. Brighton Gin's botanicals include lime, milk thistle and locally grown coriander seeds.

  • Distillery: Brighton Gin
  • Type: Contemporary Gin
  • Region: Brighton, England
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Other: 100% vegan-friendly and gluten free
  • Goes with: Ice, premium tonic, fresh orange garnish

"Brighton Gin is the UK’s first Vegan certified gin (yup, even the glue on the labels and the ribbon at the neck are vegan) and it’s made by our tiny team, at the seaside. Using the highest quality ingredients, everything is done by hand from peeling the limes to waxing the bottles. Perfect as a classic G&T and fantastic in a cocktail, this premium gin can be enjoyed by enthusiasts and casual tipplers alike. Our mission is to take the Spirit of Brighton to the world! We want to share our gin and our ethos. We believe, wholeheartedly that we can build an ethical, global brand that impacts positively on the community and has sustainability at its core. We always make the greener choice whilst creating a multi-award-winning gin and we’re very proud of that. We might have started out at the kitchen table but we have fantastic friends all over the world and we’re determined to share Brighton Gin with all of them!" Brighton Gin


"Brighton Gin was born of a passion for gin, and a passion for the place where we live and play – we wanted to create a gin that embodies the Spirit of Brighton: unusual, playful and fiercely independent.

It started back in 2012 with months of experimentation with different ingredients, combinations, distilling techniques and approaches, and more than one or two accidents along the way (but we lived to tell the tale!) and lots of trying out recipes on fellow gin-loving friends until we finally hit the perfect blend."


"Our distillation process removes the gluten from Brighton Gin, and we’re also the first craft gin to be certified 100% vegan, which includes our wax bottle tops and the gum we use to stick our labels.

True to our founding principles, each bottle is carefully washed and filled by hand, we stick each label on and dip every one in wax ourselves: no factory production lines here. We also try to keep our carbon footprint down by delivering in Brighton and Hove on our specially adapted gin bike – that’s a lot of huffing and puffing up some of those hills!"


"Brighton Gin was created through a love of gin, but also founded in the spirit of the values that Brighton holds dear and which make the city what it is: independent, fun-loving, open-minded and adventurous.

Our mission is to take The Spirit of Brighton to the world with a focus on sustainable and ethical production.

We wanted to create a premium product that could be enjoyed by gin enthusiasts and casual tipplers alike; a drink that’s refreshing, nods back to the history of gin but at the same time is thoroughly modern and forward-looking.

Handmade British Craft Gin:

In that same spirit, we were determined to run our company in the same way. We don’t have industrial factory lines as all our gin is hand-made in small batches just as it was from the very first day it was created; we distill, fill, wax and label each bottle by hand to ensure it’s of the best quality; and we like to work with our customers – bars, outlets and drinkers – in the same personal way.

Fairly, Locally & Sustainably:

We use fairly traded products, sourcing locally where possible, and using high-grade ingredients including organic wheat spirit as the base for our gin. Brighton Gin is certified vegan by the Vegan Society (and yes, that also includes our wax and the gum for our labels).

We reuse every bit of cardboard that arrives into our distillery as inserts for gin cases and packing of web orders.

Our bottles are made in England with a high recycled content, and our distillation process uses a special water cooling system which means we can recycle water rather than pouring it down the drain.

We operate a Refill Station which enables us to reduce our carbon footprint even further - and you can be a big part of it!

We deliver sustainably wherever we can with our gin push and eCargo bike, and the residues from our distillation process are composted."

Brighton Gin 

  • Bronze - 2022 International Wine & Spirits Competition - London Dry Gin
  • Silver - 2018 International Wine & Spirits Competition - Gin & Tonic category
  • Winner - 2019 Sussex Food & Drink Awards
  • Winner - 2017 People’s Drinks Awards - UK’s Best Gin
  • Gold - 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition
  • Silver - 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition

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