Dictador 20YO Columbian Rum

Dictador 20YO Columbian Rum

  • Dark Rum
  • Colombia, 700ml

One of the world's most awarded rums. Intense dark amber colour. Big on the nose with muscovado sugar, cherry, caramel and vanilla aromas. Soft mouthfeel with toffee, maple, and creamy oak flavours with a strong dark chocolate and coffee finish.

  • Distillery: Dictador
  • Type: Dark Rum
  • Region: Colombia
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

DICTADOR 20 RUM is made from the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in a steel continuous column, to achieve this signature full-bodied rum. Aged in oak barrels, allowing for the development of deep, rich flavours. Once it has achieved a full body and perfect taste, the rum is then meticulously bottled and sent all around the world to be enjoyed.

History and Myth

In the late 18th century, Severo Arango y Ferro arrived in Cartagena de Indias in Nueva Granada (present-day Colombia). He had plans to improve tax collection for Spain in the American Spanish colonies. His strong and powerful nature was quickly recognised and he was soon dubbed DICTADOR. Then came the moment when he fell in love at first sight (and taste) – he discovered rum. His devotion and affection for the tropical elixir drove him to become a key trader of exotic sugar cane spirits, which at the time were considered a currency in the region.

A global brand steeped in history

In 1913, almost 180 years after DICTADOR’s myth was conceived, one of his descendants established Destilería Colombiana. Don Julio Arango y Parra spent years researching DICTADOR’s myth as well as the intricacies of rum production to become the finest Colombian rum producer in the Caribbean Zone, while dedicating his life to honouring his forefather’s legacy.

Production with passion

Due to its geographical position, Colombia is one of the three largest sugar cane producers in the world, assuring both high quality and high quantity harvests. Cartagena and its countryside are famous for being the first areas for sugar cane production in South America. Third-generation rum producer and Master Blender, Hernan Parra, continues the family’s legacy and tradition.

The Magic of Cartagena

Based in Cartagena, Colombia – DICTADOR has the privilege of being in the northern region of South America with over 800 miles of coast on the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Our location gives us that magical balance of weather and land to be able to produce our range of exceptional rums. Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site deeply steeped in romance with beautiful colonial era antiquity – this city is as captivating as our rum itself. Whether strolling down the cobbled alleys or sipping DICTADOR on the beach, you’ll find that the city’s historic and one-of-a-kind setting provides the perfect backdrop for our production.

  • Gold - 2017 International Spirits Competition
  • Gold & Best of Show - 2016 International Spirits Competition
  • Gold & Best of Category - 2016 International Spirits Competition
  • Gold & Best in Division - 2016 International Spirits Competition
  • Gold - 2013 World Spirits Competition
  • Gold - 2013 WSWA Tasting Competition - Spirits
  • Gold - 2012 World Wine & Spirits Competition
  • Double Gold - 2012 World Spirits Competition
  • Double Gold - 2012 WSWA Tasting Competition - Spirits

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