East Imperial Tonic Water 150ml

East Imperial Tonic Water 150ml

  • Tonic Water
  • New Zealand, 150ml

This tonic water has been created with a bold distinctive taste to recreate the century-old tradition of Long Pink Gins made famous at the Pegu Club in Rangoon, Burma. Simply add two to four dashes of bitters to a long G&T.

  • Style: Old World Tonic Water
  • Region: Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Volume: 150ml
  • Goes with: London dry gins, citrussy gins

Crafted in the most elegant way, this tonic water captures the contemporary taste of tonic with added citric acid and a higher sugar level. Our Tonic Water has double the natural cane sugar of East Imperial Old World Tonic and has the highest quinine levels available in the market.

This is rounded out with top notes of Thai lemongrass and manao lime to perfectly balance a few dashes of bitters.

We recommend our Tonic Water with the more traditional citrus-driven and London dry style gins. Warm and spicy with a hint of cinnamon on the palate. The finish is fresh, delicate, and full of zest from Manao lime. 12 grams of natural sugar per serving (32 calories), gluten-free.


With a history stretching back almost 200 years, to the early 1800s and the British Raj in India, a mixture of quinine, sugar, and water was concocted as a daily tonic to prevent malaria. The addition of gin, to, among other things, mask the bitter taste of the quinine, was among the Empire’s greatest inventions.

East Imperial was founded on the belief that the heritage and tradition inherent in a classic G&T had been all but lost, with modern tonic water doing nothing for the herbaceous aromas of premium gin, a mixologist’s skills or the drinker’s taste buds. 

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