Marca Negra Tobalá Mezcal

Marca Negra Tobalá Mezcal

  • Mezcal
  • Mexico, 700ml

The Marca Negra Tobala is a burly yet elegant and balanced Mezcal. Crystal Clear. Banana, chocolate, nutmeg aromas. To taste, roasted agave, smoke, charred grass, salted caramel. Clean, smooth and lingering sweet finish.

  • Distillery: Marca Negra - Pedro Quintanilla
  • Type: Joven, Mezcal
  • Region: Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Alcohol: 49.4%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice, premium soda

Marca Negra Tobalá is a small batch mezcal made at a traditional Palenque in San Luis Del Rio using a tiny, rare and wild species of agave, tobalá maguey. This wild agave is small, low yielding, but very high in sugar. Very difficult to harvest and as such is rather exclusive. The Spirit is double distilled in a copper pot still, resulting in a tremendously rich, unmistakable flavour with plenty of character and at around 50% ABV packs bit of a punch. But the punch isn’t overpowering, in fact this is as balanced and elegant a Mezcal that’s made in the genuine, traditional way.

The handprint on the bottle represents the tireless work of the master distillers and the ancient knowledge that marks each and every batch. Marca Negra seeks the purest and most diverse expressions of this fantastic spirit, wherever they may be found. Due to limited batch production, the product line changes constantly. New mezcal varieties are created while others cease to exist. Check the bottle for the ABV as it varies between batches.

Marca Negra is on a mission. The mission is bringing quality traditional Mezcals into this world. Full of character and integrity. The company seeks out agave Spirits from small distilleries across Mexico and bottles them in small batches. Mezcal is a true artisanal craft product, as it is very village-specific, where the secrets of the trade are passed down from generation to generation and each Mezcal is as distinct as the next one.

  • Double Gold - 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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