The Kurayoshi Pure Malt Whisky

  • Single Malt
  • Japan, 700ml

Softly refreshing and the savoury aroma of malt, balanced acidity, bitterness and sweetness from the raisins, nuts and vanilla spread harmoniously throughout the mouth.

  • Distillery: Matsui Whisky Kurayoshi Distillery
  • Type: Single Malt Whisky
  • Region: Tottori, Japan
  • Alcohol: 43%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

Hand-picked malt whisky made with mellow water from "THE KURAYOSHI" beneath Mount Daisen.

Based at the foothills of Mt. Daisen, Kurayoshi whisky is produced at the Matsui Shuzou facility in the Tottori Prefecture, northwest of Kyoto, which was founded in 1910. Over 14% of the area is a natural park, and Kurayoshi takes pride in their use of the mountain’s crystal clear water, filtered through volcanic stone in the making of their whiskies, sake and shochu.

Company Philosophy

"We here at - Matsui Shuzo want you to enjoy the taste of beauty. The pursuit of providing lasting impressions. When we reflect on what we can do as people, before the emphasis on profits, we must see what we can contribute to society. We believe in working for people and providing our customers joy, smiles and inspiration. Providing happiness through crafting quality spirits! We believe in providing happiness to the world by crafting quality spirits for the fulfilment and success of every single one of our employees and our corporate philosophy and vision as our banner, we aim to provide a corporate culture that maintains a high level of awareness. Management’s aspirations and business will not succeed alone. It is essential to work with employees who resonate with our corporate philosophy. We believe that the company is one family. We aim to contribute to society with philosophy through crafting spirits. We will prosper through mutual understanding and cooperation."

Company Vision

"The history of manufacturing is also the changes in history. Our now and future exists because of the past. In order to exist in the next 10, 30, 50 and 100 years, we believe in the importance of examining our past, and understand the manufacturing of today, we aim to innovate and further improve society. We retain the great methods of our past, while challenging new methods considering its environmental impact. We implement our own manufacturing methods with the speed of being small-scale, while incorporating the innovative technology of the world. While considering the safety and security of our products, reasonable pricing, the need to reform the manufacturing structure in anticipation of a low birthrate and an aging population, innovative efforts utilizing IT and robotics, we conduct research from various perspectives examining our existence 100 years from now. By conducting these methods and enriching and benefiting people’s lives, this is the definition of the “New Age of Manufacturing”. Low birthrates and an aging population are not only an issue here in Japan, but a global issue. We aim to adapt for the coming future by understanding this, we aim to have maximum efficiency in a small-scale production system."


"We are consistently expanding our reach by refining and specializing individual business strategies. For this reason, we keep close communication with our clients, gather brand new information and aim to be the interface to provide the best products, the best way. We absorb all information, and draw out the optimal solution through microanalysis."


"We believe that employees are the most important asset. We know that developing new business and innovative technology is possible through quick decisiveness, adaptability and creativity of talented people. Our employees have unique talent, we are proud of their tenacity and behaviour. In order for each individual to succeed, we create a corporate culture that maintains high levels of awareness for their happiness and prosperity. Under one philosophy, working closely and having mutual understanding, we push the “new era of manufacturing” forward and contribute to society. Our philosophy and action plans are absolute. All actions are based on our philosophy."

From Kurayoshi to the World

"We do not limit ourselves locally and have a global sales network. We strive to pursue our philosophy: “provide happiness through crafting spirits for people to enjoy around the world”. We have established distributors in 40 countries, mainly in the United States, Asia and Europe and continue to expand."

Matsui Whisky Distillery

  • Gold & 96/100 Points - 2021 International Wine & Spirits Competition - Japanese Whisky
  • Gold - 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021 - Japanese Whisky
  • Silver - 2021 International Spirits Challenge - Japanese Malts No Age Statement
  • Silver - 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Japanese Whisky
  • Silver - 2020 International Spirits Challenge - Japanese Malts No Age Statement
  • Silver - 2019 International Spirits Challenge - Japanese Malts No Age Statement
  • Silver - 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Other Whisky
  • Bronze - 2021 World Whiskies Awards - Japanese Blended Malt (No Age Statement)

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