Meili Vodka by Jason Momoa

Meili Vodka by Jason Momoa

  • Vodka
  • USA, 750ml

Hollywood A-lister Jason Momoa's superb vodka. Packaged in a stunning and unique bottle crafted from recycled glass. Meili is crisp and clean on the nose with hints of earthiness and cereal grains. In the mouth, bright yet smooth, velvety and easy. Notes of pure refreshing water with a very subtle sweetness. The finish is clean and refreshing, slight warmth and a touch of earthiness that gently lingers.

  • Distillery: Meili Vodka Distilled Spirits
  • Type: Grain Vodka
  • Region: Montana, USA
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 750ml
  • Goes with: neat or over ice, premium soda

"Meili represents the adventurer's heart, the purity of discovery, and the spirit of exploration. Every ingredient is purveyed with the utmost quality and character in mind. Handcrafted by friends, intent to be shared. Inspired by the journey and those met along the way. Where will Meili take you?" Founders Jason Momoa & Blaine Halvorson

This exceptional and simply stunningly packaged vodka will get you noticed on any occasion. Great gift for someone special or perfect for corporate gifting too. Get delivered direct to your door or treat someone special. Buy right here.


Co-founded by Jason Momoa and Blaine Halvorson, Meili embodies the spirit of the adventurer, the essence of discovery, and the drive for exploration. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and distinct character, meticulously crafted by a circle of friends with the intention of sharing. It draws inspiration from the journey itself and the individuals encountered along the way.

At its core, Meili Vodka stands as a superior grain vodka, meticulously produced using remarkably pure, untreated, and unfiltered water. Encased in a beautifully designed 750ml bottle made from recycled post-consumer glass, it unquestionably ranks among the most captivating vodka containers available.


Meili's essence is rooted in the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, each element infused with the utmost commitment to quality and character. The perfection within the process:


The beating heart of their enterprise, fire not only fuels their distillation process but also refines their uniquely exquisite glassware. Their flame burns twice as radiant, sustained indefinitely by Meili's employment of 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. Through the transformation of vast mounds of discarded glass into molten artistry, these bottles emerge as functional marvels, bearing the hallmarks of their organic imperfections, the allure of antique texture, and the captivating hue of Georgia green. Thus, every bottle becomes a fitting vessel for their exceptional spirit. 


Water is the very soul of Meili's spirit. In their quest for purity, they sought out an ancient aquifer, forged over 300 million years ago, channelling alpine snow and rain through extensive underground passages, naturally filtering and infusing itself in the veins of pristine springs. This "living water" is the cornerstone of Meili's distillation and proofing process, resulting in a refreshingly untainted, remarkably flavourful spirit. Recognised by EPA standards as one of Earth's purest water sources, it exemplifies their commitment to quality. 


The symphony of native and seasonal grains intertwines to create a flavour profile that is vibrant, smooth, and effortless. Sourced from local family-operated farms, generations old, these grains flourish in proximity to both the distillery and the water source, minimizing their carbon footprint—an aspect of great significance to the company. Guided by a deep reverence for the Earth, Meili's creation, sourcing, and production are carried out with unwavering commitment to ethical, environmental, and humane practices. 


The concluding breath of life breathed into their spirit is air. Montana's crisp, cool mountain air shapes Meili's vodka and its components in various distinctive ways. Elevated at 11,000 feet, the aquifer's summit preserves the alpine snow and rainfall's pristine state throughout its underground voyage to the collection point. As the final distillation phase concludes, the vodka is given time to rest and breathe before being bottled, culminating in a flavour profile of unmatched smoothness.


Meili take the broken and make it whole. They transform the discarded into the desired. This is recycling reimagined. Resurrected from the blaze, their handmade glass radiates new life from the ashes of the old. Designed through determination, true beauty contains imperfections. Look for them as a testament to Meili's story. To not use the cheapest, most accessible glass available - but to create something better.

"Seek the unique, lead by example. Our message lies within every bottle. Our vision lives through our glass. This is real sustainability."

Jason Momoa & Blaine Halvorson

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