Mucha Liga Bravo Blanco Tequila

  • Blanco Tequila
  • Mexico, 750ml

This is superb blanco tequila in its purest form, un-kissed by the barrel and clear, the true flavour from Blue Agave, sensitive silver, natural, fresh, light, and attractive. A trendy smoothness to be enjoyed neat. Clear, crystalline & light body. Smooth dryish, spicy & fresh; fruity.

  • Distillery:  Mucha Liga (Matatena Spirits)
  • Type: Blanco Tequila
  • Region: Jalisco, Mexico
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 750ml
  • Goes with: Ice, premium soda

This stunning blanco comes in a handsome open box.

Bravo is the rookie luchador at Mucha Liga, he is introverted and skilful also beyond the arena, mainly with mathematics. He is proud to be born in Tequila, Jalisco; underneath his mask, his gaze reflects justice and fairness since he was a child, as he has always helped the weakest in trouble. Inside the ring, no one is willing to mess with Chucho, he is very methodical and precise on his moves and has been labelled as the future campeon of Mucha Liga for years to come.

"Bravo has a tough, brawny exterior, but his tequila exhibits a soft, cuddly quality. Aromas and flavors of orange blossom and pastry-spice mix with creamy vanilla and a solid, mineral backbone for balance. Agave flavors are quite mellow and rich for a blanco, which goes down dangerously smooth. Perhaps the lucha libre move here is slow and deliberate, as it would be quite easy to sip too much of this" Amanda Shuster

Mucha Liga is the thrill of the mexican Lucha Libre in the best Tequila of the world. Mucha Liga is a taste of bravery, strength and tradition, all mixed up inside our unique bottles. A masked bottle that hides the real identity of those who fight every day to get what they deserve. They are the real luchadores that inspire Mucha Liga.

The power behind the mask.

Mucha Liga lives through its luchadores, who face the challenge of demonstrating the world they’re the best. Bravo, Caníbal and Invicto are the three main characters of the league, each one with a different story but with shared goals: to be the Campeón. Three bottles, three luchadores, three expressions of tequila.


Is grown under the surveillance of Juanacatlan distillery’s farmers, a production model designed to vertically integrate the best from agriculture, human resources to production without hampering the natural and social development of La Ciénega region of Jalisco, soil that meets a high balance of nutrients due to the very few generations of agave harvesting of the area, this factor allows our batches to sample a vast and complex spectrum of flavours and aromas which build a great expression of the relationship among the soil and the flavours associated with the Cienega region where the agave is grown.


Artisanal production with hand-blown glass and painted bottles.100% Mexican handcraft design.

  • Silver - 2019 World Spirits Competition
  • 88/100 Points - Amanda Shuster,
  • 75/100 Points - Tequila Matchmaker Panel




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