Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac

  • Cognac
  • France, 700ml

This is outstading, award-winning cognac fromm Pierre Ferrand comes from the premier cognac region, the Grande Champagne. Sweet marzipan and apricot seed aromas are soft and warming. A slight viscosity provides a rich texture that reveals preserved peaches in light syrup, and light baking spice notes of mace and a sprinkling of fresh nutmeg.

  • Producer: Maison Ferrand
  • Type: Cognac
  • Region: Grande Champagne, Cognac, France
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

"At Ferrand, we put our distinctive touch on every step of the cognac-making process, starting in our own vineyards. Here, we experiment with older, lesser known varieties including the extraordinary Colombard grape. Colombard brings floral notes of lilac and iris, along with fruity notes of apple, pear, apricot, and prune to Ambré, a bright and fresh cognac." Maison Ferrand

Pierre Ferrand doesn't classify their cognacs with the standard VS, VSOP, XO classifications. Using their own labelling, Ambre, their youngest standard expression, is an average of 10 years.

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Without the influence of Alexandre Gabriel, it is fair to say that there would no Maison Ferrand as we know it today. An encounter between Gabriel and one of the oldest wine growing families in the Cognac region in 1989 led him to realise that one of the oldest Cognac houses with some of the best savoir-faire of the region was at the time totally dormant. Gabriel offered his expertise to help market the good stocks of Cognac the house retained and outlined his intention to bring back the true expression of Grande Champagne’s great terroir through age-old, craft-based production methods. 

His pitch worked, and today he is Chairman and majority owner of Pierre Ferrand, which is headquartered in the 18th century Chateau de Bonbonnet. Following its purchase from Cognac Martell, it now stands as one of the most efficient and resplendent Cognac houses in the region, sporting features such as an ultramodern blending hall unveiled in 2004. The primary distillery operations are carried out a Logis d’Angeac, a co-owned 100-hectare vineyard in the heart of Grande Champagne, complete with a distillery that dates back to 1776.

The Angeac terroir is a key component of the distinctive style of Pierre Ferrand, with its extremely chalky soil providing the necessary acidity to produce excellent wines, which in turn will produce excellent Cognac. The harvested grapes from this vineyard are then distilled slowly in pot stills featuring a distinctive onion shape head and just 25 hectolitres capacity, two details that concentrate the aromas and flavors from the wine distilled on fine lees.

Once the eau de vie has been collected from these modest stills Pierre Ferrand ages it small oak barrels kept in seven different aging cellars which vary in atmosphere and temperature. Every cellar has thick limestone walls, but there are dry cellars with cement floor or humid cellars with an earthen floor to choose from. The combination of a variety of casks, which are toasted to different levels and the barrels surrounding directly affects the character of the spirit, meaning Pierre Ferrand can tailor its production techniques to its environment to create a range of quality Cognacs, such as Pierre Ferrand Sélection des Anges, Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula and Pierre Ferrand Ambre.


  • Gold - 2009 Cognac Masters
  • Gold Medal & 91/100 Points - 2009 Beverage Testing Institute (Chicago)
  • 92/100 Points & Highly Recommended - 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge
  • 4 Stars - Cognac Expert
  • Silver - 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition


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