Santa Teresa 1796 Rum 1L

  • Gold Rum
  • Venezuela, 1,000ml

On the nose, caramel sweetness, toffee brittle, pepper. Cooked apple, foam banana sweets. On the palate, vanilla and rich notes of butterscotch, molasses and chocolate. More of those banana sweet notes. Hints of Calvados. Long, fruity finish with caramel and nuts.

  • Distillery: Santa Teresa
  • Type: Dark/Gold Rum
  • Region: Venezuela
  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Volume: 1,000ml
  • Goes with: Neat or over ice

A superb single estate Venezuelan rum, Santa Teresa 1796 is made using the solera method (used more famously in the production of Spanish sherry). Buy this delicious, award-winning rum here in our online liquor store. Great premium rum gift. We deliver across New Zealand.

Santa Teresa is a Venezuelan brand that has become well known for creating sublime rum and for its dedication to community outreach programs like Project Alcatraz. Over the last couple of hundred years, Santa Teresa has established itself as something of a national treasure and a core part of the drinking culture in Venezuela.

The process of making Santa Teresa rum begins by extracting molasses from Venezuelan sugarcane, to which yeast is added to induce continuous fermentation which takes between 12 and 16 hours. The remaining ‘must’, which has an alcohol content of around 8% ABV, is then distilled, either using continuous column distillation or pot still distillation.

Every rum style Santa Teresa makes is aged separately in former American whiskey barrels. There are approximately 100,000 of these ageing at any given time. In Venezuela, alcohol must be rested in wood for at least two years – the longest rum ageing requirement in the world.

The distillery, which started life as a sugar cane plantation when it was founded back in 1796, is located in El Consejo within the fertile valley of Aragua. History buffs will have noticed at this point that Hacienda Santa Teresa actually predates the country’s fight for independence (which occurred in 1811). This essentially means that Santa Teresa as an estate is older than Venezuela as a country.

The distillery itself was founded in 1826 by the husband and wife team of Gustav Julius Vollmer, an immigrant from Hamburg, and Panchita Ribas y Palacios who was the sole survivor of a family who were murdered in the Venezuelan battle for independence from Spain. They reinstated the sugarcane crop after its absence during the war and began producing aguardiente for locals. This action was to be the foundation of a family business that to date has lasted five generations. The Vollmer family still own and run the Santa Teresa Hacienda to this day.

For much of its history, Santa Teresa has been beloved to Venezuelans, but the rum was rarely seen elsewhere. It took nearly sixty years before it was produced first at a commercial level, which sometime around 1885. When the brand was officially registered in 1909 it became the very first Venezuelan rum trademark and the country’s third trademark overall. International recognition was aided by a distribution deal with Bacardi Limited, which was penned in December 2016, making it the global importer for the brand outside of Venezuela.

  • Silver - 2019 International Spirits Challenge - No Age Stated Rum
  • Silver - 2018 International Spirits Challenge - No Age Stated Rum
  • Gold - 2015 The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business) - Gold Rum over 12yo
  • Silver - 2015 The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business) - Super Premium Rum
  • Gold - 2014 The Rum Masters (The Spirits Business) - Premium Rum
  • Gold Outstanding - 2013 International Wine & Spirit Competition - Dark Rum



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