Satryna Blanco Premium Tequila Gift Box

  • Tequila Gift Box
  • Mexico, 700ml

The ultimate gift for any tequila connoisseur. This beautifully bottled tequila will impress. Bright Cristal Clear hues. On the nose, crisp fresh and herbaceous with citrus notes of grapefruit and lemon lime. On the palate, light with sweet notes of agave and a hints of spice. To finish, smooth vanilla with a hint of almonds and a clean and dry aftertaste.

  • Distillery: Satryna
  • Type: Blanco Tequila
  • Region: Mexico
  • Alcohol: 38%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Goes with: Ice, premium soda

Satryna Blanco Tequila is hand crafted in small batches using steam cooked Tequilana Weber Agave sourced from the finest fields near Guadalajara. This pure un-aged Blanco is triple distilled for ultimate smoothness whilst retaining the true character of sweet agave.

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"Satryna is a small batch artisanal tequila producer committed to making the smoothest tequila in the world. They are as passionate about exceptional quality as they are about delivering ultra luxury with an edgy eclectic individuality. Extraordinary levels of attention to detail is bestowed on each and every hand crafted bottle ensuring a truly incomparable experience. 

Satryna’s blend and ageing process is a closely guarded secret of our founder Nitzan's family. This artisanal tequila has been made exclusively for their own consumption for generations.

Growing up in Mexico, Nitzan developed a passion for tequila and spent considerable time designing the Satryna bottle and brand. She dreamt that one day her family’s tequila would be admired and shared all over the world. After many years of convincing her family, they have now decided to release this legendary tequila so that true aficionados around the world can savour this special gift of Mexico.

Satryna is perfected by the knowledge accumulated from three generations of Mexican craftsmanship and more than 70 years of experience. It is the perfect balance of Nitzan's exuberant creativity and her family's wealth of knowledge.

Satryna Tequila’s inspiration and soul is derived from the tradition of the festival of Día De Muertos - The Day of The Dead. Originally started by the Aztecs over 3000 years ago, they believed that the dead were still members of the community, kept alive in memory and spirit only to be temporarily returned to earth on The Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is a time for remembering and rejoicing the spirits of loved ones who have died and are invited to visit the living as honoured guests. Satryna Tequila captures this very celebration of tradition in all its glory and interprets it to reflect the Mexico of today.

To achieve the highest quality, Satryna is hand crafted in small batches using steam cooked Tequilana Weber Agave sourced from the finest highland fields in ’The Valley of Tequila’ in Jalisco. The semi-arid and semi-humid soil in the rich agricultural lands of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt is ideal for the harvest of our sweet agave plants. Each hand selected and harvested plant is ripened to perfection only after being nurtured for 10 to 12 long years.

Satryna's Maestro Tequilera uses a unique balance of the centuries old art of tequila making and a modern distillation process to give Satryna uttermost purity and distinctive smoothness. The ageing in French oak barrels imported from Cognac, and American oak barrels from California results in a tequila with an altogether more complex character. A true testimony to superlative Mexican skill and craftsmanship.

Extraordinary levels of attention to detail is bestowed on each and every hand crafted French glass decanter, ensuring an incomparable and luxurious experience. The decanter is decorated with precious metal foils with a mask design influenced by the Mexican Festival of The Day of the Dead and particularly the work of a Mexican political print maker from the 1800s, José Guadalupe Posada most famous for his work of La Calavera Catrina. The intricately designed metal sugar skull cap is based on an original design by Mexican craftsman from the region of Oaxaca. The neck collars engraved with ancient Aztec art are crafted from zamac in Argentina and the fully finished bottle is delivered in a beautiful presentation box made in London. To ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency each and every bottle is hand numbered and signed by our Maestro Tequilera. 

  • Gold - 2020 The Tequila & Mezcal Masters (The Spirits Business) - Ultra Premium Blanco
  • Silver - 2020 World Tequila Awards - Blanco



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