• London Dry Gin
  • New Zealand, 750ml

This stunning Kiwi gin is a proper London-style dry gin. Its fresh, smooth, juniper forward which is enhanced with a little native flavour including kawakawa. This unique gin is dangerously easy to enjoy, distilled from grain and has no artificial flavouring. The matte black champagne-style bottle is beautifully distinctive, uber chic, there's simply none other like it.

  • Distillery: The Spirits Workshop - collab with YEN Gin
  • Type: London Dry Gin
  • Region: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Alcohol: 42%
  • Volume: 750ml
  • Botanicals: Juniper, Kawakawa, Pink Peppercorn, Orange, Orris Root, Angelca Root and Liquorice
  • Goes with: Ice, premium tonic, fresh citrus and/or fresh mint garnish

YEN Gin has undergone years of refining and perfecting by an award-winning mixologist turned Gin connoisseur to develop a balanced drink. YEN Gin is a premium spirit made with the finest quality of carefully selected locally foraged botanicals to procure a superior tasting Gin. YEN Gin is distilled at an artisanal spirits workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand and is produced in small batches.

"At YEN, we are driven by the possibilities of Gin: its fluidity and flavour, its ability to bring people together under the universal banner of taste. Gin is malleable, but unique. Modest, but refined. The bedrock of a great night, a novel idea, or a stimulating conversation. To put it simply, Yen is life. ‍YEN is about celebrating that drive, about moving in step with the zeitgeist to innovate an industry inside and out, from the way we make our Gin and we to the way we interact with our YEN CLUB community. Our conversation starts with a question, the same question that keeps our YEN members inventive, forever on the lookout for the next big thing. Our thing happens to be Gin... What’s your YEN? 

YEN Gin’s flavour profile is developed by award winning mixologist Luke Dawkins (turned Gin connoisseur) who combines carefully selected locally foraged New Zealand botanicals to procure a superior tasting Gin.

Founder & COO, Luke has over 15 years experience in working in various roles in the hospitality industry. Originally from the UK, Luke has moved around the world over the years (now settled in Christchurch, New Zealand). While gaining industry experience working as a mixologist over the years, Luke devoted time and attention to refining his cocktail creativity along the way. Luke is a co-owner of award winning Christchurch, NZ Gin bar: ‘Gin Gin’.

Founder, CEO & Creative Director, Blue-Monte Hamel, is the mastermind behind the business, product design, branding, creative direction and 3D content production. Blue is a multidisciplinary creative talent with 10 years of experience working across all creative industries. Blue has collaborated with world famous brands, influencers, musicians and artists from across the globe including Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Yeezy and the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Pusha T, Asap Ferg, David Beckman and more.

At the end of 2021, Blue and Luke partnered with Joy Katharina Lorck-Schierning, Co-founder & CMO. Joy is a German/American serial Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Influencer with a BSc in Business Enterprise and MSc in Money, Banking and Finance. Joy brings a wealth of knowledge and practical business building experience to the table, acquired over many years of working full time in the start-up world. Joy runs multiple ventures of her own catering to the Luxury, Web 3, NFT, Blockchain, Metaverse, Fashion, Wines, Spirits and Drinks sectors."


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